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How useful are horoscopes ?

It depends on how much you believe in the mystical side of astrology.

Some people believe very strongly that horoscopes can help them recognize and correct patterns in their life, expose opportunities in the future, and guide them in romantic relationships. 

I have found a direct correlation between what horoscopes tell me, and what is going on in my life. For something that could be nonsense, it seems to be staggeringly accurate, quite frequently.


They're Taurus crap when on a website but when in a newspaper horoscopes are very useful. You can line the bottom of birdcages with them. You can make a paper mache puppy. You can use newspaper horoscopes when you run out of toilet paper. Newspaper horoscopes have hundreds of useful applications.


It depends on who is reading it and if they believe in that sort of thing. 

I find them useless and have no meaning what so ever. The ones who are desperate to read into things and try make sense of things when there is nothing there. Some people fall for this rubbish and honestly believe in them but that is for them to find out. They are so ambiguous that some part will always be right and could make sense. That is how they lure people in.