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Did unicorns ever exist or they are just from fairytales?

Yes they do!!!

Proof for the existence of unicorn:

By definition, a imaginary being is associate degree animal within which no bigger animal is unreal.

An animal that essentially exists is bigger than one that don't essentially exist.

Thus, by definition , if unicorns exist within the mind however not essentially exist in point of fact , then we will imagine some animal bigger than a imaginary being.

But we have a tendency to cannot imagine any animal that's bigger than a imaginary being.

Thus, then if a imaginary being exists as a plan within the mind, then it should exist in point of fact.

Unicorns exist as a plan within the mind.

Therefore , unicorns exist in point of fact.


Yes, they did! They were called  Siberian unicorns  but, they didn't look nearly as pretty as they are portrayed to be in fairytales. Sadly, they wen't extinct about  29 000  years ago.

Visit the link below to see their mythical appearance.