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What are some useful tips for a job interview ?

 HI !!!

good question!! 

Well I will give you some tips that have worked very well for me, and I hope they will serve you and learn from them too ..  

The first thing you should know is that the first impression is what counts so you must dress appropriately, always evaluating the company and its rules, for example: if you are a man they will always tell you to wear a suit but if you go to an agency marketing perhaps the suit will not help to give a good presence but, that you should dress a little more modern.  If you are a woman, and you go to a company in a job interview and you go short, or in a shirt that shows your body you will never get to work, so clothes are undoubtedly very VERY important. 

 You must be punctual and arrive sooner than expected, I am a very unpunctual person which hurts me, but when I have a job interview I always ALWAYS arrive early, in doing so you show professionalism and people start to trust you and your responsibility . 

Ask all you want and you need to know
since usually there is no open talk about salaries or second interviews, among other things. For some reason, we wait for the interviewer to tell us everything but most of the time that does not happen so it is necessary to ask about future interviews, time to formally enter the company and get papers, if it will be for fees or payroll and any another doubt. 

Take your CV, identity card, and documents of past work or courses, although you may not see it necessary you may get a moment to show your studies, or your resume, or work experience and that is taken into account. 

Always be yourself, do not be nervous, do not lie and do not try to pretend to be someone you are not. If you already have experience, just talk and show it, and if you are a novice calm down and talk about what you know and what you can contribute and the desire you have to exploit your knowledge in this new job, always try to leave you in a very good position, be honest, real, and try to please people. 

I hope you do very well in your interview and get the job! 



Haven't had one of those in years but have interviewed people for positions.

Here are some keys that you must adhere to.

1. Be on time.

2. Neat in appearance

3. If a man is interviewing you shake his hand and use a fairly strong grip. This will put him on the back foot and throw him.

4. Smile and speak properly. Be honest with any questions but an occasional white lie added in could boost your chances.

5. Be prepared and research the company

6. clarify your selling points on the reasons why you want the job.

7.prepare for expected questions.

8. line up some intelligent questions for the interviewer. It shows your thought process.

9.Score a success in the first 5 minutes. Positivity,enthusiasm and confidence scores well. most interviewers make up their mind in the first 5 minutes and spend the rest of the interview justifying hiring you.

10. Bring a copy of your CV to every interview. make sure you leave a copy behind even if they already have one.

11. Right body language. Sit up straight and eye contact is important.

12. send a thank you note after the interview. Shows manners and respect. Not everyone does this.

If you stick to the above you will stand out giving you a better than decent chance of being hired. You would have left a good impression.


When you get a call for a job interview, take preparation for the interview. Do your own research about the company, and what you are looking for that particular position. Go to the interview on time and make good first impressions. Listen to the question carefully and then give your answers. You might face strange questions on a job interview. Just give their questions' answer. Hope you will do better in your job interview.

  • Check the website (and perhaps the wikipedia page) of the company where you have the interview. Look for the interesting details, make sure you know who they are, what they do.
  • Check the details of the position you are going for, note down some questions on the details of the job, and ask these questions during the interview
  • Checked the linkedin profile of the person with whom you have an appointment. Check for things you have in common with that person. For instance, a previous employer, a school, or a hobby. Use that as an entry point in the conversation. People tend to feel more at ease, and positive, about people with whom they have something in common.
  • Know your own resumee
  • Look into some details, or try to look up some questions you can find online that people ask in job interviews for the opening you are being interviewed for. This will make sure that you are well prepared for the 'testing questions' they will ask, and it will make you feel more confident.