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How can someone become a better blogger on Steemit/Busy?

I think it all depends on grit. Showing up here everyday and just try to write something. It's difficult at first as one may face problems when trying to translate thoughts to words. Many just give up without trying. The understanding of future gratification is crucial. Think of what you do now as a contribution to what you get a year or two from today and just try to do it step by step.

Read more books on certain topics of your interest. With knowledge then only one person can really be able to write out quality content which people would be interested to read. Find a niche. There are many untapped markets which no one is written about but is high in demand. Keep it simple and don't try to make what you do complicated so you know you would understand yourself if you were writing to yourself.

Double and triple check what you have written and get someone to read it. Check if it makes any sense at all or there are things that no one understands.

Just keep doing it and never give up. I have been writing for almost one year and I am constantly excited doing what I do here.


I think joining communities that are aligned with your passion is the key. There are communities out there that support thru curation and sometimes/usually conduct weekly challenges and example of those is @naturalmedicine and @ecotrain, they are a community that promotes natural medicine and promote awareness in our health. For me, it is an avenue for me to improve my write-ups or blogs since I am a person which is inclined to alternative and natural medicine. Definitely, I’ll be joining their writing contest. And the same applies to other communities like SteemSTEM, if you are a science geek or tech geek you can socialize with them and emulate them as your models so that you can improve your way of writing blogs based on science. The key here is your passion and everything else will follow.

I hope this helps your question.


You can study the good ones we have, find out what they are doing differently or well. How they structure their article, photographs, tag, topic, etc. Also read wide and always proof read your work before posting

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I will suggest you improve on your writing skills because you have to attract your readers to your blog.

Interact with other bloggers by reading up their articles and also commenting on that post,that way they get to know you.


I agree with some of the other answers.  Join some communities that will help you become a better writer.  The best thing you can do is write about stuff that you are interested in.  You are going to do a far better job at that than if you just try to write about things you think other people are interested in.  I encourage you to also participate in some of the challenges that are out on Steemit.  It can make a huge difference for you and I think you will see your account grow and your writing improve over time.  

The other best advice I can give is to just keeping at it.  Try to settle into a schedule of posting something once a day or once every two days.  If you try to most too much too quickly, you will run out stuff to talk about.  It will be obvious that you are posting something just to say you posted something.