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Does success always require sacrifice ?

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I'll start with the famous quote from, "J Sakiya Sandifer". According to him, a person success will be defined by what he or she has sacrificed in order to get it. Its very simple a person has to sacrifice a lot so as to achieve so call success.

Success doesn't come just like that - it requires a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve what you are looking out for.

We have close to hundreds of real-time stories which has demonstrated that for all those people who succeeded in life the success did not come like that - they had to sacrifice a lot to reach there.

These sacrifices that I'm talking about could be anything from leaving home and family to pursue what the person wanted to do in life. 

Reflecting the life of, "Abraham Lincoln" he is one of the highly influential personality examples to failures and in spite of many failures he went on to be one of the greatest presidents in the history of United States of America.

 Abraham Lincoln was born to a family which was poor, he faced many defeats throughout his life. He lost close to eight elections, twice failed in business and suffered a nervous breakdown before becoming one of the greatest presidents of USA.

The point here I'm trying to make is that Abraham Lincoln failed many a time - he didn't quit and moved forward showcasing the greatest example of persistence on grounds of his failures. 

Therefore would like to conclude that life is all about struggle and in all these phases of life a will fail or pass and through the experiences of life the person will learn a lot. Learning lead to experiences and experiences leading to your success. Therefore success without failure is something like gaining without any experiences and learnings. Ending with a famous quote- "Failure is a Stepping Stone to Success"

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Yes, in my opinion it requires. It depends on what type of success you are referring to but I will say that no matter what you want to become successful at you must be prepared to sacrifice something. First that comes to my mind is time. If you wish to achieve success in a certain activity you must be prepared to spend a lot of time and of course free time. No man has ever become successful in any way by just working on that a few hours a day. Some great men that made a name for themselves during history have been known to work even 17-18 hours a day to get to a formula or achieve what they had in mind. Then there is of course resources. For example if you want to become a Formula 1 champion you will need a lot of money because only to get to Formula 1 you have to start with carting and make your name there. Only for that to accomplish you will have to buy your own cart, you will have to transport it and yourself to different places and race. Parts tires and other maintenance things that you have to do to it cost a lot and it's not easy to cover them. Same is in every sport where you will have to invest in gear, supplements and training. There is also the social life that usually the people that are successful have to sacrifice. When you have a 9 to 5 job you are free to do whatever you want after 5 but when you are on the road to become successful at something you wont have that much time at disposal to go out and do whatever you feel like, because you have to be there for your project or business and work for that. You will have to spend evenings and even weekends in an office to make six figures a year and that means a lot of sacrifice. There is also pleasure that needs to be sacrificed because first of all many times you will have to go through difficult situations and do things that you particularly don't like just to get to the top and you will also have to sacrifice having fun with working to becomes successful. What is even more painful is that very often you have to sacrifice the time spent with your family for becoming a successful man and that is the most valuable time that you can have. So, whatever you feel like wanting to become successful at you should take into consideration the sacrifice you have to put to the table and if it's worth it. 

Hope my answer helped and wish you a great Saturday. 


We all know that fear is something which holds us back and never allow us to move forward towards our success journey, hence success needs the sacrifice of fear, You need to leave your fear behind in order to move forward, if you carry fear with you, then moving forward is almost not possible, hence Sacrifice your fear and move towards the success journey, because when you sacrifice fear, You become capable of seeing disguise opportunities, you are able to see your life in all possible ways, and those possible ways will give you new opportunities.We all know how important time is, we all know time flies very fast and once it is gone, it will never come back, hence Success needs the sacrifice of your wastage of time, success asks you to utilize every ounce of time in a useful and productive way, if you want success then work hard in every second that you get, because every second has the capability to change your life, every second gives you chance to have a new beginning, hence never waste your time always have a productive day, never waste your time on something which gives you nothing but just a regret.My friend spends hours staring at his laptop, programming. He’s brilliant. He’s missed several beautiful days, though.We would all like to get something for nothing. I have to admit that I’m attracted to such a simple approach to success—never gonna happen. If this is the way you think about success then you’re out of luck. You might as well abandon your search for success now. Success simply doesn’t work that way.The simple truth is that success is hard. Success is never, ever, ever easy to achieve. If anyone tells you differently they are trying to sell you something. Don’t buy it!

Perspective is everything. Your perspective on sacrifice is crucial to your success. A negative perspective on sacrifice will defeat you and lead to failure. A positive perspective will energize you and lead to greater achievement. Change your perspective and you will have a real shot at success.Sacrifice is a success imperative. If you fail to sacrifice, you fail to succeed.


Yes I am of the opinion that success requires sacrifice. For any endeavour to become successful, it will require a measure of sacrifice. The sacrifice maybe depriving yourself of sleep, of pleasure, of those things that you would usually do just to see that your goals are actualized.

Success requires one to be mature and to do away with comfort, pleasures for a particular period of time.

One of my mentors once told me that maturity is ability to put pleasure aside. He also said that if one put pleasure first life then he's are heading for failure. So this tells us, this told me then, that sacrifice has to be paid for success to happen.

My mentor also said that sacrifice is an application for reinforcement. If you want to see growth in any enterprise, want to see growth in any field of endeavour, then a measure of sacrifice has to be paid.

You must have heard the quote that I first heard as a young boy.

The feat achieved by great men did not come by mistake but they, while their companions slept, were toiling onward in the night.

It is really what's required for success to happens. You don't take the same route that others take who are heading nowhere to happen. You have to cut a path for yourself and be committed to it. Pay the sacrifice even if its just for a period of time. The truth is that sacrificed will always speak at the end.

For any endeavour to succeed, a measure of sacrifice has to be paid.

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