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What is the way to achieve financial freedom?

Achieving financial freedom is everyone's aim or goal and the ability to achieve financial freedom is mostly utilized by the rich people and other business tycoons. There are different ways to go about this but I will be providing some few tips with you which I have learnt from most rich people and I hope you will find them helpful. This tips are written below ;

#1 DON'T SPEND MORE THAN YOU EARN: This is a very important tip that can help you achieve financial freedom. You have to do away with the habit of spending more than you earn like some people use to do just for the sake of showing off or impressing others or competing against others. Haven't you noticed some filthy rich people wearing decent clothes and dressing not too expensive unlike some folks who seems to spend lots of money on what they wear just to impress others even though they don't have the money.

When you keep spending more than you earn, there is high possibility of you borrowing money from other people which is gonna be discussed in the next tip. If you really want to achieve financial freedom always avoid spending more than you earn. You should know what you can afford and what you can't afford. A rich man is he who spends wisely and buy things that he needs while a poor man buy things that he doesn't need just to please people around him even though he knew he will surely suffer for his actions.

#2 AVOID BORROWING MONEY UNNECESSARILY: When you are the type that borrows money unnecessary from people excessively, then you won't have much money with you at the long run because most of the money you gain are being paid to people whom you borrowed from. This is sometimes why it is always advisable to be a creditor and avoid being a debt debtor. It is always advisable you do away with borrowing money from people unnecessary maybe just for buying things you don't need as I've stated earlier on the first tip.

There are times we won't be left with any choice other than borrowing money but in this case it really shows that you need the money for something very important. You can always borrow money if you need to use it for something very important most especially something that can fetch you more money just like some successful entrepreneur will always tell you "we use money to make more money".

#3 CULTIVATE THE HABIT OF SAVING: If this tip isn't included in my post, I think I haven't made any justice to the question asked on this post. To be achieve financial freedom, you must develop the habit of saving some of your money. You should strive to always save some amount of money either per month or per year no matter how little it may be. Always make sure you have some savings because it's very important.

Saving money also gives you a chance to use your saved money for something more beneficial such as business or it can also serve as an emergency fund which you can use instead of you borrowing money from other people.

#4 HAVE MULTIPLE STRINGS OF INCOME: As an individual, you don't have to put all your eggs in one basket. You actually need to have more sources of income and never depend on one source of income. The more your sources of income, the more your chances of making more money. To achieve this, you may need more investment or businesses but it doesn't comes easy for a beginner though most especially when you are still struggling with your first source of income. It's just a matter of time and don't rush to achieve this while earning from a little string of income. Just take your time, make plans, grow your business and make more money.

#5 ENGAGE IN CHARITABLE DEEDS: This may look funny or astonishing but believe me it is really working for me. The fact is that nature pays you back on anything you do for others. It's just the law of Karma. If you really want to be successful, make other people successful. Similarly, if you really want to make more money, always try as much as possible to help those in need. It is also important not to do things you aren't capable of just because you are help others but your intention will speak for you.

I suggest the above five tips will help you achieve financial freedom.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


all has been said by @hardaeborla, , thereofore i'll keep it short and sweet. 

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