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In the event that You Could Introduce Regulations into Steem, What Would It Be?
By Regulations I mean: We are a network that can really act simply like a nation. So I'm doing this instructed test to take in some things on the most proficient method to deal with a major network with an excessive number of opportunities. I will simply give a precedent: Like the label image would have a programmed max payout of x $ That would spare $ from the reward pool and avert spammers to try and have the capacity to upvote that high in any case. What's more, as a discipline, if a post achieves its maximum the rest is as yet utilized yet copied. A success for the entire network with a basic "direction" We all have diverse suppositions however we realize that when individuals get together and vote incredible things can occur. Furthermore, steem is as of now full with individuals from everywhere throughout the world. I would love to begin a discussion about this. Hit me with your answers. I will upvote the best answers(up to 5).

You copied my question ... 


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Plagiarism wouldn't be rewarded. We already have enough struggling artists out there that create content first in the blockchain before sharing it on their own sites. But these people get undervalue and people that just copy paste art works do get rewards without doing anything. I would encourage people to flag plagiarized posts because they don't add value to steem and just harms content creators that do give value to the blockchain.