Why is Kim Kardashian so popular?
I don't comprehend what's makes her uncommon. Is it some sort of crowd mindset that you are acclaimed for being well known?
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1....kim kardashian was so popular because Sex sells...

Kim Kardashian actually rose to fame in 2007 when she had a "leaked" sex tape that was starring her and a rapper called "Ray J"

Ray j was the brother of the pop star "Brandy", and also the first cousin of the rapper "snoop Dogg".....the sextape went viral and became so publicized on media outlets thereby making kim kardashian to become so popular...and just like it is said that "no bad publicity.....she gained publicity through the sextape and it worked for her to an extent....

2....Secondly the reason why i think she is famous was because she was born into a family that has all the right connections especially with rich and also famous people,,and that mostly occured through her father who was actually a big-shot los angeles lawyer that was also involved in the OJ Simpson case....

3....another reason why i feel she is very popular is because alot of people feel She is very attractive (with her makeup on and also all the enhancements which are properly applied).....they see her like a beauty goddess who they really admire so much....

4...another reason she is popular is that people are actually "attracted to the glamour"...

She is very good with social media and the media as a whole,she uses media outlets to promote her glamour e.g she often posts pictures of herself on some private planes, on some fancy vacation,wearing some very expensive fashion accessories and clothing,,driving the best cars, in gorgeous beaches,rolling with the top celebrities,etc.......


The possible explanations that we may come up with will never come closer to what we may call satisfactory logic.

Even if one tries to be fair and balanced, tolerant and respectful of others’ opinions and tastes, it is beyond me!

What her popularity—and that of other celebrities, especially the so-called socialites—proves is that there are way too many wrong things with us as a global culture.

When you analyze what is it that we value as a species, as a culture, in terms of contributing factors to be better and good, nothing that these celebrities do falls into any positive category. They represent most of what is wrong about us, most of what we preach against, most of we dislike and criticize in people close to us, thus, how is it that so many people devote their time, energy, and even their money to reinforce the idea that sex sell, that what they do is cool or fashionable and that our youth should look up to this girl or nay other like her as a role model?

We all criticize selfishness and materialism, vanity and arrogance, excess and lack of tact and yet these kinds of people displays all those negative qualities and the media turns them into super stars, tendency, and what have you.

The things they do on a daily basis are things that would ruin the reputation of any other regular person. They are exposed in sex tapes and next thing you know they are exploiting that exposure to become ambassadors of fashion and entrepreneurial success; they may even become children books’ “authors”.

I think that the reason this girl and many more like her are popular is because there are way too many people in this world worse than them, willing to value the anti-values and displace all that can positively impact our world in exchange for vanity and idiocy. The media is said to be responsible for turning them into stars, but without an audience there is no show. Any real artist would know that. For as long as there are people willing to click on their websites, watch their videos and shows, follow them on social networks and buy their products, there will be more than her and worse.   

I truly have no idea. I think the whole family is horrible. I wish they would never have been famous in the world would have been a better place.

Unfortunately we live in a society and at a time when scandal sells, makes you famous. The frivolity, the appearances, the excess, the drama are very valued elements in this time. The fact that you expose your life through the nets is a way of making yourself visible to others. That you cry, complain, fall out of love or fall in love, that you undress. And Kim Kardashian does all this.

We have to assume that Kim is a media phenomenon, out of the networks, exploited by television and adored by people. When Kim became famous for a sex video, everyone thought that the girl, unknown until that moment, would not show her face and hide. But that was not the case. Kim Kardashian used the fame that the video had given him to start promoting himself until he signed a juicy contract for a reality show. Realitys are programs that can serve as a springboard for many people, the detail is that to do so you must show all your miseries to viewers, desirous of scandals and drama. The Kardashian clan (she and her whole family) have known how to get people to talk. 

If we look at where Kim comes from, what she does, what her abilities are, the only thing we can recognize in her and that stands out is that she knows how to make the most of the moments. She is the best publicity for herself. She is a woman with an eye to make the most of any situation, and this may please or displease people. Hence her fame. Because with her it happens that you love her or hate her, but she doesn't go unnoticed, she will always be the center of attention. She doesn't care if they speak badly or well of her, for her the important thing is that they speak, that's what generates profits for her.