What are the things i could do to get rid of boredom?
being alone causes a lot of overthinking especially if you are all alone with no one to share your feelings with. you will alone and bored. what can some one to to over come this loneliness and boredom
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Aah, the perennial question on how to kill time. There are many unproductive ways to not be bored and the best way is to be on social media. However i think the first step to removing boredom from life is to know what is it that interests you? Seeking knowledge and learning about things you enjoy is a great way to kill time. And i think videos are quite enjoyable and easy to watch. Youtube or Netflix documentaries are great. Think about things you like - cars, jets, yatchs? Read up on those. You can learn about successful people who dont have the time to get bored.

Hit the gym, go on a trek, explore the world. May be find a medication camp. If money is a problem, may be move to a cheaper country for exploration. Cooking can be therapeutic. There are a zillion ways to not get bored. And if all else fails, get to social media, more like steemit, where you can also earn. Find content that appeals to you, comment on the posts, comments. Answer questions here. Or do some of the above. Exercise will tire you and you won't have thoughts about boredom in your head. Also, endorphins released will keep your mood positive. I watch a lot of video content or spend time on dapps or sleep to kill time. Also, at work, finding like minded people and talking helps me enjoy my time there.

Boredom is really common. Repetition of activities or simply their absence can lead to boredom. Here are some things you can do.

1. Get on the internet. Trust me, the internet has a lot to show you, enough to keep you glued to your screen. It was designed to keep your attention. By researching new stuff or simply shopping on the internet, one can get past boredom. Also, socializing with friends on social media groups and sites can help as well.

2. Pull out your bucket list and find out what you've not done yet. Everyone who owns a bucket list knows that we don't always get to finish everything we've written down. Boring moments give you that chance to evaluate your to-do list and to figure out what you should be doing.

3. Music and Movies. Most people find music and movies a good way to get past boredom. Drown those boring moments in sound ad visuals while you're greedily consuming popcorn!

4. Write. Paint. Pick up your favourite musical instrument. Whatever skill you have, this could be a good time to hone those skills to perfection.

5. Who said you have to do something whenever you're bored? Another good way to overcome boredom is to simply do nothing, and one way to ensure you don't get even more bored by not doing anything is to sleep. Saves your energy, saves you the stress.

I just simply watch funny videos in youtube or facebook. I also search other ways of earning online, unfortunately only few are legit and other legit sites is not worth my time to work with. So far I can say steemit and musing.io is the best. Its really worth my time.

Smoke crack. Rob a bank. Go on a reckless casual sex streak.

Or less exciting...

Read a great book. Watch a funny movie or Netflix series. Travel. Munch down some psychedelics and throw on good music. 😎

Boredom can be really boring. Hahahaha. No one to talk or gist with, no where to go and everything kind of feels annoying all of a sudden. There are certain things I do when I get bored.

1. Sleep: I love sleeping πŸ˜΄β€πŸ˜πŸ’€. I can never get tired of sleeping. When you get bored, one of the best things to do if you can is to sleep and forget your sorrows.

2. Listen to Music: 🎼🎼🎼🎼Yes, music heals the soul and mind. Simply listen to music and if possible, sing along to get out of your boredom. Music is a healer.

3. Use the Internet: The internet is one of the ways I keep busy whenever I get super bored. There are lots of funny video skits online. Just go online and laugh your heart out. You can as well chat with friends to keep yourself busy.

4. Read: Okay, I know it may be difficult to concentrate on reading while you're bored, but if you can, give it a try. Read an interesting book or story.

There are lots of thingsΒ to do. You can prepare what you will do later (it goes from "what am I going to eat tonight" to "what book to read?" Through your career guidance and future discussions) You can also think about yourself . Take the time to sort out what is bothering you, better understand what you're doing, see what's wrong and think about how to fix it, analyze the relationships you have with others, whether it's arguments or dating, or what whatever. You can also advance your physical, ie practice a sport (muscu or yoga that can be done in his room without problems when you're bored), or do research on what is good for you or not (take or not a diet for example, remove and add food in its weekly consumption ect ...), you can also do your accounts, see where you can save money, see your debts, papers ect ...

You can also get educated (like walking around Quora for example, where to go to a library or go on the web), or even look for things to discover, invent, ask yourself existential or philosophical questions ect ... or talk with people.

And there is still plenty to do when you're bored.

boredom is a very annoying thing. there are many things I do when I feel bored.

1 open the Internet

When I feel bored, I open the Internet. I watch funny videos through YouTube, and I make articles that I want to display on the Steem platform. and I also opened the musing.io platform to answer questions from other people. this can eliminate my boredom.

2 invites friends to gather

when I feel bored, I also invite friends to gather together. of course gathering with lots of friends is very fun. and this can eliminate my boredom.

3 relax on the beach

I really like the natural beauty on the beach. with me on the beach, my boredom will disappear

4 playing chess

I really like chess. when I feel bored, I will invite friends to play chess. Because besides being fun, playing chess is also useful for improving brain quality.

Those are 4 things I did when I felt bored.

Yea I do agree that being lonely is something that isn't great. I think from the way you write it, your lonely because u need someone to be with you and that is usually a void filled by a partner.

Do get to more community activities so you can get to meet more new friends and know more people. Get some contacts from these gatherings and go out and hang out with some of them once in a while. There is bound to be someone your interested in as a potential spouse or a friend. Get some hobbies like going to the gym, type answers here on musing, read books, download movies, go jogging and etc.

Currently I always find my life to be too occupied with too little time to do all. I have lots of books that I have yet to finish, lots of questions on musing to answer, lots of ideas that I haven't executed and many more. I guess, reading is really a great way to not only upgrade our knowledge on the various topics in life but also to make sure thst we can pass our time progressively. Maybe also get a Playstation console and get some games to play. It would be great to play with games. There may be some challenges that we can face in games which require lots of thinking.

Sports is a way to pass the time progressively too. Doing physical activities get out mind healthy and also our body fit and positive. Once we've got this positive vibe everybody feels it and wants to make friends with us. Life won't be bored again.

For me, I will try the following methods:

- Find something that you need to send your time to concentrate on. It has been successful for me in reading books and watching movies, playing games.

- Try to find the purpose of your free time. My free time usually uses for relaxing or doing other work. I have found it quite effective to focus on those activities.

- Hang out with friends: I dont have many friends, but I just have enough friends for me to hang out or to catch up during the free time.

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What I do when am bored is to sleep, I can sleep for a very long time. I also eat when am bored. I feel hungry easily when am bored.

I go through my phone contact, if i see any contact that I don't recognize, I will call the contact to find out or I delete some folks contact who hasn't called me for years.

I watch already watched movies, or I play music,increase the volume, so I wouldn't hear myself. I will call boo to log online so we could chat or I go through people's comments on a particular post. I read stuff on people's timelines.

Thereafter I sleep back.

As a human being feel bored it is a natural thing. Usually, you will feel bored because of doing something that is repeated and carried out continuously at the same time. This kind of thing causes boredom which keeps increasing. Because of that, many people try to be able to refresh themselves and their minds from boredom.

Actually, there are many ways to overcome boredom, among them:

1. Sports can overcome boredom

If you often feel bored then get rid of it in a positive way, one of which is to exercise. Never exercise can cause your body to become weak and lazy to do various activities and end up feeling bored. It does not mean just staying quiet or just resting makes you feel good and enjoy it, not infrequently people actually feel irritated and emotional if they just don't have activities.

You who rarely exercise should start from now doing sports activities. Although only running in the morning or in the afternoon can change the atmosphere and the feeling of boredom is gone.

I have proven this method, sometimes when I'm bored, I run around the Pusong reservoir in Lhokseumawe city. It is very effective to eliminate boredom, besides that it is also very good for body health.

2. Traveling to a place you like

Traveling to places that you like, such as mountains, beaches, or historical sites, can bring up ideas that you never thought of before. Ideas that can change your pattern of life and your activities become more interesting.

Besides that, I think almost everyone likes traveling, especially holiday needs are needed by you who have high mobility or super busy in the office.

3. Do Hobbies

Hobbies are the right thing to do wherever and whenever, especially if the hobby is simple and easy. Hobbies are synonymous with things that are liked and certainly fun because of course things are liked.

For example, my hobby is a computer. For that, I studied various software that I found. Besides, that hobbies will be very useful when we are hit by boredom with a note of a positive hobby and often make a profit.

I think still have a lot of things you can do to get rid of boredom. Thanks

1. learn to observe.

whenever You actually wake up daily, i am sure you do eat daily, you also meet different people but do you usually observe??do you ever try to get up early just to simply enjoy an amazing sunrise and wee birds flying happily??trust me you will never find it boring....it is always interesting when you learn to observe nature and humans too....

2. learn to Read.

i know you might want to really ask that Is it necessary to really begin reading??well Yes it is neccessary....many of us only love to read only bestsellers but thats wrong,learn to read any form of interesting book irrespective of whether it is bestseller or not..... reading interesting books helps to avoid boredom...

3....learn to be able to socialize

It is greatly neccessary and also important for a person to socialize. Whenever you are feeling bored you can go meet your friends or neighbours and politely socialize with them and have fun and kill boredom.....

4....engage in your favourite hobbies,that works too....

5....make use of social media...

Social media can help you to catch fun on the internet and trust me that usually kills boredom too.....