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Is the recent low quality post trend associated with the low value of steem?
posting on steemit has been on a downward trend this days. people tend to no longer post a much quality post due to the fall of value . And most post on steemit has lack quality because people tends not bother posting articles due to the low reward that they will be getting

Yes and No! And the table below somewhat proves this. 

The table below shows the daily number of posts (including comments) being transacted to the blockchain. One would probably notice the noticeable drop of the number of posts and comments. 

6 months ago (June) in which Steem was still valued at around $1.8-$2, Steem have been getting around 150k posts/comments daily! Now compare that to today's 50k posts/comments. 

It is very obvious how people are more enticed to browse, read other people's blog post, interact and/or make a comment when the price of Steem is high. At it's peak (1 Steem = $5), Steem was getting around 250k posts/comments daily!

Going back to the issue of increasing  "low quality post" lately, I think the major reason for this is because many authors feel that no one is anymore reading their blog posts or contents and it is such a waste to create a high-quality post with no readers. 

They however still believe that Steem will eventually go back to it's peak value and that is why they are still trying to post decent quality posts daily (mostly to get the daily guaranteed upvotes they get from their friends and auto).

So yeah in a way: Low Value of Steem = Low Engagement in the Platform = Low Upvotees = Low Quality Content since again, there are few readers actively browsing and curating


Actually the idea of you saying low quality post wont be considered right, cause many might even prefer reading 20 words post and find them somewhat helpful and of great quality

Every users have their own preference and grading them all with a particular standard wouldn't be that great, rather I will say the quantity of post been made now is low due to steem been this low.

After using steem at a price above the actual price it was, say 2 years back, it surely will decrease efficiency when you have to return back to the way things was, even worse than it was a year back

Its human nature, when things usually don't go as we planned, we tend to give up and relax pending when the tide will shift to our favor once more, and if it doesn't, over time we tend to forget that such platforms do exist, am not saying such users would eventually forget but they might only return when the steem price goes up once more.

Also, if you relating low quality post with plagiarism, well its been on the platform for as long as I can remember and am guessing it will be available for years or more to come as long as the steem blockchain operates, people will always try to cheat the system


For me I say No!

Those who do these are not yet very informed about the essence of Steem. Steem blockchain like any other social media niche was designed to create fun while giving incentives for creativity. Indeed, creativity hoarded over time becomes  obselete. 

The low value of Steem is more concerned with the mass adoption of Steem into daily financial transactions and operations. We all have a role to play in presenting Steem to the people around us and offering it as  a firsthand exchange for fiat currency whenever need arises.

Moreover, the Steem ecosystem has been spammed for increased bot action which has reduces human interaction which is now overriden by the number of accounts in operation as well as the cost of running the system. If we put back the human flare to Steem blockchain, it will bounce back.


You are right in what you are saying that the number of posts these days is down due to Steem having less value. I don't think the low quality posts have much to do with it though as I think maybe they are being highlighted more as there is less posts going through our feeds.

What doesn't make sense to me though is if you are on Steemit to grow and not power down then there is no change. A post 10 months ago receiving $50 is getting the same amount of Steem today when it is at $5. The $ value has dropped but the Steem and SP is still the same amounts.

It is actually easier to earn now as there are less posts and one can be noticed by larger accounts.


You're quite right. Most people don't feel motivated to post because of the low Steem price. Even most of the people still posting don't put in much effort into such posts like they used to when steem price was high. Though from what I've observed during this period of low steem price, it seems the minnows and planktons are the ones posting most of the diverse and quality posts on steemit. Most of the trending posts now are mostly crypto related and a few on photography. That diversity of posts on steemit have greatly reduced. Though there are still many minnows posting, the majority of the posts are from dolphins and most of such posts don't seem to have much depth. I'm not saying that dolphins don't post quality posts, I'm just saying that most of them don't have the sort of zeal and desire most minnows and planktons have that make them invest time and effort in their posts

Visit the various trending pages you will be quite disappointed because quality of posts have dropped greatly. Maybe most of the people still posting are just doing it to register their presence on steemit so as to a sure their active followers that they are still much around. just hope things pick up really fast because steemit need quality this period of low steem price to attract more users