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What is your greatest wish this Christmas?

I wish to spend Christmas with my family as always. Christmas is for family, to share joy and happiness. I want to bake and cook the traditional dishes and share with my loved ones.

I'd also like to stay in touch with friends, who are also important and spend time with them.

These are the precious moments you will always remember, this will remain engraved in your memory and heart. I don't need valuable gifts, I just wish to have a warm family Christmas, as always.


My greatest wish for Christmas is that I should be happy, fulfilled and discover purpose in 2019. That all my friends and family are happy. I'd love to see them all happy. I want Santa Claus to come in bearing gifts of love, happiness, joy, shelter, good health and wealth.


My greatest wish this Christmas is that this is going to be my last Christmas being not as financially stable as I want to be. Come next Christmas I'll be at the top by God's grace.


The picture below summarizes my wish for Christmas