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Why nobody is upvoting questions at Musing?
I see only people upvoting answers in this platform, this doesn't seem too healthy for long run

Musing is fairly new and as such more and more people are starting to use Musing. However, not all questions are created equal. Ask a good/relevant question and I think you are much more likely to receive an upvote.  I have upvoted several questions here today that spark discussion as I'm sure many others have as well.


Questions and answers are being upvoted.

I think in the beginning more answers were getting upvoted but now as there are more users with bigger accounts and more voting value you will see questions being upvoted.

It makes more sense that a answer holds more weight value on a vote as more work and thought goes into it. I think the more popular the site becomes you will see more and more questions being upvoted.


I think it is just down to the fact that answer take more time and thought than questions do. In esscence we are being 'paid' for our research, or our answers. I think that there should always be a steady flow of questions as long as there are active users on here willing to answer them.

It would be nice to have some more rewards for questions but I think then the site would become flooded with questions and not as many answers, and could become a bit more spammy

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