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How to stake EOS?
I have eos in my account. How do I stake them?
Because EOS is an auto shop module instead of a rental, you can just actually stake your EOS and sent transaction without paying any transaction fees. Once you are done, you can unstake your token and receive all of them back without any fees.

But how many tokens you need to stake? and How much to say 1 EOS stake will actually get you? Let me explain to you. It depends on what are you actually want to do. If you want to transfer all of your Eos from your account or any exchange, then you can simply stake 0.001 EOS to 0.1 Eos which will allow you to do one transaction per day.

But if you want to do more transaction or you want to do transaction more frequently then it will take 1 EOS equal to several transactions per minute. This is my advice to you , always keep your Eos staked. It's the most secure way to store your tokens.