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Do you think blockchain can really help independent musicians, self-published authors, individual enterprenuer to participate in e-commerce revolution ?

As much as I'd love to say yes, the reality at the moment is saying NO.

I'm not saying that it is impossible though but like any other successful personalities, musicians, authors or entrepreneurs in order for one to succeed one must always have a means to reach and retain their target audience. 

The problem though is that blockchains are still not that popular and only a few people are aware of how it completely works making the audience reached very limited.

Take for example the platform DSound, no matter how good the cover or song uploaded by an independent musician there is, it would almost be useless if no one is listening. According to SteemApps.com, there are only 37 unique users on Dsound.   I think it's not ideal for one to rely solely on upvotes from Dsound. If one is really serious about their music, they need people to appreciate their music and not just 37 potential people or worse 1 dsound curator.

So NO! At the moment the blockchain's help towards independent musicians, self-published authors, etc is considered enough. It probably will be once platforms built on top of any blockchain is even half as popular than any other popular social media platform like Facebook, Instagram or Youtube.


Obviously yes and we have to wonder WHICH platform looks the  best. Stem is lacking ANY sort of artist creative platform which is why @surfyogi is trying to build @artzone to cover that demand.... then we have on EOS the MN* or EMANATE program which has a GREAT splash demo page, showcasing a proof of concept website that actually pays music creators every 6 seconds of playtime... 



See this system actually describes how EMT tokens are paid out during LIVE listens of the song, i assume only if someone is logged in via Scatter, and it should use the Universal ID system Block.one is building to enhance ALL eos dapps...


So we also have https://D.tube for videos  https://Dsound.audio for audio and we even have a steem front end for Photography and Modeling which i REALLY like and want to see grow as a place for steem content crteators @bescouted https://bescouted.com 

We also have @vimm https://vimm.tv which is a site like twitch but on the steem blockchain.  Its for live streamers to stream games and hopefully IRL one day, Mobile IRL livestreaming like the many entertaining people on https://iceposeidon.live who just walk around LA at night getting into trouble, and on Vimm.tv we could see a LOT of this, as this was tried and failed on DLIVE which i wont go into but they were made for steem, cut steem out and are now failing to retain any users, and pewdiepie stopped using it also. 

Check https://steemprojects.com to find more steem based projects to help reward content creators for their art and music etc,  and see what other steem based projects you can find talking to us over on https://steemspeak.com discord 

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