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Has the curation rule changed in musing ? Are the questions are not getting any upvotes from musing account?

Did it ever occurr to people that curation rewards might depend on the quality of the question? I do not think that they have to reward each and every question, especially not if they do not make sense, might be considered as spamming or otherwise lack any quality because the person who asked that low quality question could not be bothered to make any effort.


Based on my experience, nothing is changed in the curation rule. I rarely ask questions on Musing (I mostly answer the questions of others), but my last 4 questions has received upvotes from Musing. However, I think that people should rather focus more on answering the questions of others. There are a lot of unanswered questions on Musing.

I am not necessarily talking about my own questions. I am primarily talking about Musing in general. I usually receive 1-2-3 answers to my questions, but my last question didn't received any answers so far. Based on my experience, nowadays Musing is a little bit off-balance in this aspect (the ratio of the questions and the answers), so maybe the question curation SHOULD change.

I am just a regular user, not an admin/moderator (and/or anything similar) of Musing. This answer is only my opinion, and it is based on my personal experience.