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How can I download videos from youtube ?

Downloading videos on YouTube has been made easy by third party applications and I'd be glad to share with you.

FIRSTLY is through the savenet format where you have to add 'ss' to the url in the form of

OLD: www.youtube.com/xxvyy

NEW: www.ssyoutube.com/xxvyy

Then tap "GO". You will be redirected to the download page of savenet where you can select the format you prefer.

SECONDLY is through another online converter. Clip converter whose official site is clipconverter.cc

When you open this link on your browser, you copy the url of the video from YouTube site and goto the clipconverter.cc page and paste it in the url link. Then you click the format you want your cmvideo to be in, then click convert. Leave for a little while to convert and then download your ready file.

THIRDLY is through downloading the YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER for pc or for android. It's interface is easy. You input the video link, select the quality you want and you download.

FOURTH is a way I love using. Using Internet download manager IDM. When I install this app on my pc, it integrates it's extension on all my browsers so that when am viewing any media file, it provides me with the option to download them and in any format that is available to download them. It so easy and useful.

FIFTH is through my android mobile through third party applications two of which I use mostly and can vouch for their authenticity. One is _Vidmate_. Ypu wouldn't find this on the playstore. But you can find it by searching through google. To use it, you just have to search for the name on Google and download and install. Easy to use. Just search for the video you want or paste the url from YouTube there and you would see all the available formats to download from. It is a good download. The other is tubemate. Their official site is tubemate.net, you can download the app directly from Their site. The same technique as Vidmate is for tubemate.

There are other metgods, but the ones I use and vouch for is the ones I just shared you and I hope you can use it and get more files downloaded using the applications I stated above. Stay frosty. Happy new year in advance.


This is one the simplest way to download YouTube videos and yes you can choose quality as well.

You just have to edit the URL of video you want to download.

For example, this is the URL of video that you want to download: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6L27Q6ZFMPg

Then put 'ss' before 'y', edited link will look like this: https://m.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=6L27Q6ZFMPg

That's it, click go and select the quality and download your video.

Let me know if any questions :)


You can download youtube videos through en.savefrom.net .......the websites enables you to be able to download youtube videos in any format of your choice including mp3,mp4,3gp..etc...

Another trick to directly download video from youtube is that you will add "ss"before youtube...

for example if the youtube link is

"https://youtube.com/watch?v=5L26K6ZFMPr" you will just add "ss"before youtube which will be like this "https://ssyoutube.com/watch?v=6L27Q6ZFMPg"

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There are many ways to download videos from YouTube. Many of us watch videos on YouTube but many of us can not download YouTube videos.

Downloading YouTube videos is a simple way to download . Below I publish a tutorial

First you have go to the browser and you search Google tubmate

Secondly, you have to enter the tubemate

Thirdly, you must enter the video you want to download

Fourth, you have to click the download above

Fifthly you have to select your video quality

Sixth, you will have to click on your submit

In this way you can easily download YouTube videos