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How to set bounty for my post to the contributor in steemit using steem-bounty.com? can you explain me with the step by step procedure?
  1. Post a Blog for which you want to set bounty and get the url of the post.
  2. Then go to your wallet section of steem account. Here you can choose steem/sbd as  bounty for the contributors.
  3. Click on transfer and in the user name fill "steem-bounty" and then enter the amount which you wish to set as bounty and then paste the link/url of the blog in the memo.
  4. Click on "next" , then "sign in" and complete the "transfer".
  5. You are done and you have set the bounty for the contributors to your post and you will receive a comment to your blog from "steem-bounty" account of steemit.

Please note that there is another procedure to set bounty for your post and for that you have to go to their site steem-bounty.com and from there you have to login via steem-connect and directly post your blog at that site and set bounty for it.

Contributors-Those who upvote to your post and comment to your post.

But I personally feel the the first procedure to set bounty is quite easy and hence explained that in detail.

Thank you and Have a great day.