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Do you think that the social engagement in main steemit plaform has been shifted to musing significantly in recent time?

I don't think that much of the Steemit users have now shifted to musing and that now Steemit is just like a desert while musing became a "crowded party" but I see some users being very active in here everyday. 

At least I am. There are people who love Steemit and who came here for the blogging idea and they would probably never switch to musing and leave Steemit behind, but people like me who write on no matter what subject and don't care that much if it is Steemit or musing will make this change. 

After more than two months of musing usage I can say that percentage wise I am probably 80% of the time on musing and 20% on Steemit. There are two reasons for that. One is the fact that the engagement on musing exceeds easily the one on my blog and second is that I get much more rewards from musing. 

Yes, I admit I am here for rewards also, but I like a lot the the interaction and can say 100% that it is better than what I had on Steemit. I have had lots of posts to which I had only one or two comments or maybe none so it was like I was blogging for myself. In here I get answers to most of my questions and almost everyday I find questions to answer to. 

Bottom line I don't know how much of the Steemit engagement has moved to musing but I am more engaged in here than on Steemit. 


This is definitely not true I don't think people have shifted attention to musing oh now engage more here there are so many users who don't even have the talent and the capacity to actually answer and ask questions on this platform this is because there are other decentralized applications by the dube that has actually got people socially engaging or even decentralized apps like steem hunt which even makes people more socially engaged so in my opinion the social engagements are equally shared among the centralised applications and to point out not only musing on is it possible to get reward.

Believe me the social engagements are to actually get support and even if I must admit that some users on steemit have actually shifted their social engagements to musing I must say this is still only a small percentage I could say 25% and some other decentralized applications also share out of the 100% social engagements so I don't believe musing has actually taken the social engagements off steemit totally it has only taken like 25% in my opinion because I believe some other decentralized apps also has some percentage in the social engagements that happened on steemit.

Although in the long run this can still be possible because to me musing is still the best decentralized application because it is open not totally bias and reward based on total quality and not on personality or track record and that is why there is no reputation score on this platform so I think it can still happen in the long run but for now in my opinion I actually say it has taken like 25% of the social engagements on steemit because for example the fact that I am using didn't end my social engagement on steemit it's actually just took a little portion or proportion all I can say I divide my social engagement 50% out of 50% which makes it quite balanced for me so I'm believing other users too at the same


No I don't think so. I just think that because of the current market price and sentiment that there is less engagement on Steemit (and all of the other Steem dapps!).

There have been so many great dapps come out over the last few months that I think peeple are figruing out how to spread their time on Steem. I know when I joined it was all about networking and meeting people, but now for me there is so many great dapps that it dont have as much time for that.