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Is it possible to earn 1 usd at least from steemit activities?

I guess a lot of that depends on what you are doing and what your timeline is.  For sure you can earn 1 USD by posting on Steemit.  You would need to have a decent follower base and it probably isn't going to happen in one day.  

Keeping that in mind, you are far more likely to be able to make 1 USD by answering a question on musing with a thoughtful well written answer.   It isn't that uncommon for some people to make close to $5 or $10 USD a day by contributing their knowledge and answering questions on Musing.io

If you could clarify more with a timeline or just some more specific details about your question, that would really help.

The short answer though is yes. You can absolutely make $1 USD by participating on Steemit.


You can literally earn $1.00 for this question you posted. 

I wouldn't vote it $1.00 if I was a curator. 

But you can. 

I'm not the one making the call.

There's no easy and cheap avenue to exchange Steem into USD, but that's fine.

Making money of off Steem is not something we should be promoting on the blockchain.

At least not in the Make Money Quick sense.

Investments we ought to be interested in and account growth should be long term.

If the Culture on Steem is pump'n'dump resistant, then Steem itself will be more stable.


Definitely, and there are so many ways to do it. One of which is to participate or contribute with dapps like musing.io, it will even exceed your "1 usd" expectation.

For the ones who have been in Steemit for quite sometime, we are earning by investing our time and ideas that we contribute to the platform. For some, they even take "earning" as a part-time source of income, while some are gladly producing contents and reinvesting their earnings to Steem power.

Regardless of what you do within the platform, whether content creation or even curation, you will be earning relative to your SP holdings or frequency of activities. SO keep steemin!


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Yes it is possible. Just keep continuing on and continuing on till one day, you can keep posting on your steemit. Built up your reputation and keep investing into Steem power.

Once your reputation increases, the trust that other steemian have with you will increase gradually. This will be important and slowly there will be more who would be interested In your work and so slowly more cash that comes in.

Those early post from steemit usually won't warn that much. You can also find new products to post in steemhunt and then people get to upvote your products. I guess on average, a good product can earn a couple of bucks. My advice is after you earn those few usd, it's better to wait and accumulate till you have about twenty usd at least. This is because the commission is very high for low amounts of cryptos. I tried that earlier and it wasn't really worth it. The commission ate almost all my earnings. It was really sad. A few hard earned dollars and gone in the commission.

You can also earn curation coins if you constantly increase your steem power. It can earn you some bits per week which adds up to alot in the future.


Of course, that's in SBD equivalent. It's possible and even a reality. If you take a quick tour of Steemit, you'll notice that some posts get up to 500SBD.

Don't forget that SBD contains both Steem, Steem Power and SBD itself in a combination determined by some formula embedded in the Steemit software.

Having said that, you can always get more than 1 USD equivalent per post in upvotes. When your posts draw the attention of Whales with thousands in Steem Power, their upvotes is always worth something tangible.

Also, another way to get it is by answering questions here on Musing. Musing curates regularly and sometimes gives upvotes worth about 1SBD or even more.

It all depends on your level of engagement, it's very possible.


A lot of dApps offer to us really high rewards. Steempress, Steemhunt, Musing.io, Utopian-io (this is the largest reward chance, but you need to be profesional), d.tube, and soon. 

Yes, if you dedicate yourself, you can make more than 1 USD per post / comment.