Do you think steem.chat is dead now a days and people are not using steem.chat?

Yes and No!

Yes the majority of Steem users are indeed not using steem.chat and prefer more Discord when engaging with other Steemians outside Steem. This probably has something to do with GINA (the most popular notification service on Steem) and free upvotes like minnowsupport. 

Discord is also more handy, easy-to-use and is more user-friendly compared to steem.chat. To list some reasons why most Steem users prefer Discord more than steem.chat.

However, I don't think steem.chat is dead. A lot of witnesses, accounts with high reputation and Steem Power prefer it more rather than Discord especially when discussing important topics about Steem. Like the recent Hard Fork from weeks ago, a lot of witnesses voiced out their concerns and provide solutions on steem.chat rather than Discord. 

They usually hang out here:  Witness Social and  Witness 

For us normies though we like Discord more. XD 

So yeah I don't think Steem.Chat is dead but is just "alive" when important happenings and topics about Steem are happening or when witnesses have common issues that needs to be resolved or something. 


Do people still use steem.chat? I can't remember the last time I used it.. I stopped using it because it is not user friendly  and it is not an application. Discord is an app that can be used on my mobile or my laptop and it's really easy to use.. 

Virtually everyone I know stopped using steem.chat and moved to discord. So I don't know if it's dead but I do know that much people won't be using it..

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It is not dead, but it is less popular than discord and the interface and loading of steem.chat takes a lot of time and users does not feel cool while using steem.chat. That is why they prefer discord over steem.chat.

Discord is really fast and vast also as you can find every community server and it is easy to communicate with other steemian and that is why the majority of the community happy to serve others in discord than steem.chat,

Steem.chat may not that active but in general chat you can find some healthy discussion and some high level steemian still use steem.chat.

Thank you and Have a great day.


The fact that steem.chat doesn't have an app is what makes it seem dead. People don't get notified when they receive a message so they only visit the site once in a while when they remember or feel like. Communication is not very effective on the app.

Also discord although not steem related is a better alternative and serves better purpose for steemians so many do not reason to sign up to steem.chat and most of those that have an account no longer sign in.


Yes. I have reasons to believe that Steem.chat is almost moribund because of the amazing alternative that Discord serves.

Steem chat appears to be archaic and does not have the key features that are on Discord. Consequently, it would seem that many Steemians prefer to congregate on Discord instead.


I never used it for once, I think discord took over because you will find out that 90% of steemians are on discord and they are really loving it over there,it has wondering features.


I wouldn't say it's dead completely. I would say it's inactive. Not that it's beckoning inactive recently, just that the rate of inactivity has increased there drastically.

Most Steemit users prefer Discord to Steem.chat, discord is more user friendly and more "social" in terms of flow of interaction that steem.chat.

I guess most times, steem.chat come alive when there are major events on Steem that requires serious deliberations and discussions from either witnesses, other users or both.

Notwithstanding, many Steemians do not even know about the existence of steem.chat, which makes it difficult in the first place to have one quarter of steemit populated there. Then those who have used it one, twice or more have completely lost interest in it over time due to several factors but majorly that they don't feel a sense of social flow there.


Hello Littymumma

Well I think discord is doing a really nice job in making steem chat irrelevant. I may be wrong, but I think you can find any and every steemit community on discord having their own severs.

Personally for me, steemchat was difficult for users to adapt and that is the reason alot of people chose discord over it. That's because of it been a browser application. Alot of users prefer mobile or desktop applications that they can open simultaneously with other apps and get notifications and others on. And steemchat just wasn't that. You had to constantly remind yourself that there was a tab opened in your browser for chatting, meanwhile discord keeps beeping you on updates around any and every community.

Also the ability of discord to integrate group voice conversations alongside bots to spice up the experience just made steemchat go into extinction. It became a Dinasour as if failed to evolve to stand against its competitors.

Steem chat was only useful to send messages to steemians you couldn't find on discord. But nowadays alot of steemians can be easily found in various servers, and generally respond to comments. So you can easily find them.

So YES! Steem chat is dead, I'm pretty sure ned and Dan can be found on discord if you look hard enough.


more attention on discord nowadays. u can see the trend in popular dapps and personal account profile/sign off majority are using discord.


I didn't even used it.

Everyone seems to be in favour of discord. Sad to say but they vastly differ when it comes to functionality🤔


Few days ago, I logged into Steem.chat and I thought it was dead actually. People now make use of Discord more these days as it possesses more features and is more user friendly than Steem.Chat.


Steem.chat isn't dead. It's very working

Just that most steemians out there prefer to the discord app because steem. chat is just way too complex to understand unlike the discord app

I for one find steem.chat too complex and complicated. And I only visit there when it's important. I think steem.chat should come up with a simple and lovely interface so that more steemians will be encouraged to be using it


in my opinion, there aren't many who use it, but if they die, they don't. because there are a small number who still use it


People still use steem.chat. I still do. I like it better than Discord. I'd never sign up for the latter even if my art idol is on there. Not unless someone pays me millions of dollars. Lol.


Its not completly dead, but it is just the same handful of people who are in there regularly. And there are a few new people coming in asking for upvotes or asking why there account hasnt been verified.

I find the chat in there painfully slow these days so dont go there often - sometimes can try and chat and get no reply or 1 reply like half an hour late.

Discord is much better as it has much more users and there are niches and channels for just about everything now so its easier to engage and meet like minded people.