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What are the advantages of holding Exchange Tokens?

I think the major advantage of holding exchange tokens is for the purpose of making the tokens appreciate. This is why some people can become very rich just by holding crypto because no one knows when it can appreciate.

Other advantages are

- To enable the token worth more value

- To enable easy distribution of tokens

- To meet other crypto exchange

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps


An advantage would be if the Exchange would buy those tokens that are being held by the users. One reason why they do this is because they want to put influence on the distribution of the tokens and the total supply circulation. There are many exchange tokens out there but only few of them support their users. Just be cautious and always do your research.


Now a days there have been a trend growing on and that is the centralized exchanges like Binance, Huobu, Kucoin are issuing their own tokens and interestingly these tokens have been performing well. The advantages of holding such exchange tokens are:-

  1. One can get trading fees discount. There are yearly discount as well as proportionate discount and the discount is to the extent of 50% of trading fees in most of the cases.
  2. One can get some amount of governance rights and airdrop from time to time. During the listing of a coin, the exchange may take the feedback of all exchange token holders. During listing of new coins these exchange tokens holders also get some airdrop and during its listing it has a ready made liquidity available at that time. That is advantageous for both the exchange as well as the exchange token holders.
  3. By large all the exchanges promises to reduce the supply of exchange tokens over time by their buy back program and that generally boost the price of exchange tokens and hence the token holders can enjoy those high price.