Do you think weed is a medicine or just a drug?
Do you think that weed should not be legalized? Do you believe governments that say that weed is bad for us and that we need to be on their prescription drugs? I already have a 15 years experience with weed and I could make a big post on how weed helped me. Either my physical or mental side was really better after smoking weed. So, I wonder is it just me or weed is really good?

Herbal medicine isn’t good or bad.

It is dependent upon the person and TIMING.

For some conditions, it is EXCELLENT medicine. Though even then, there may come a point where its benefits wear off and it may do more harm than good.

A Chinese medicine doctor friend once explained to me, that ANY herb has benefits... up until a certain point. Then, it may have the OPPOSITE effects. I experienced this myself, starting toking daily at 14 and having wonderful meditative experiences, only to swing around years later and have it induce intense (social) anxiety - great at first, NOT great after using too much.

Every person’s body is different - and body chemistry changes even over the course of a day. Thus, there’s NEVER any one-size-fits-all cure or miracle medicine.

Nonetheless, cannabis has been proven over-and-over a HIGHLY effective medicine for many conditions for many people.


I think the two words are synonymous to each other, it's just that the word drug was commonly used as illegally consumed medicine or supplements. The way people consumed weed may be inappropriate and abusive making it not suitable for almost everyone such as low tolerance individual. It was later termed as a drug because of it's harmful effects to an individual when consumed excessively. But that is just the other part of the story, we know some studies showed about the positive effect of weeds to a person especially its medical significance. It will later be developed and be recognized globally but with guidance of some regulations and moderation.

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To be honest it depends on the usage of that particular person. 

In many countries as far as I am aware of people  does take it as a medicine and it is clinically as well proven by  FDA  as well in a way. So in terms of components it can be said that it is an effective usage of quite few conditions.

While like I said it depends on the person that is using it. 

In my country it is banned and probable seen as potential threat to to people especially teenagers. As they get so much consumed in it and at some point they becomes addicted to the affects of it and at some point they can't leave the side of it.

While there are countries where people take it so that they can be active and do their daily work due to the weather condition of that particular country. So I don't think it is in a way bad for those people and those who as well who have got significant amount of help by having weed.

So at the end it comes to this like I said before it is the person who can make that call if it can be used as a medicine or a drug.


Depending on your needs and dependence on cannabis consumption, in Aceh, Indonesia, although the presence of marijuana is still illegal, the use of marijuana has been around since the kingdom, besides serving as food and herbal medicines, marijuana is often used to hallucinate enemies during wartime.

Cannabis abuse in Aceh-Indonesia has occurred since the arrival of the Dutch colonizers, besides the plant being an export commodity that helps tax colonizers, the yield of cannabis in Aceh has very good quality. The large number of forced laborers from indigenous people who used invaders consumed marijuana while working to make the items labeled as illegal goods. Many of the workers who began hallucinating and slow making marijuana as one of the illegal crops up to now in Indonesia.

I believe this plant has extraordinary properties if developed into the medical world, if it's chronic it's good to consume marijuana.


I personally believe that all medicines are drugs but not all drugs are medicines. I would count weed as a drug because I don't think there is enough scientific evidence to justify weed as a medicine. I realize that is a catch-22 because the illegal status of weed prevents it from being fully researched. It's just my personal opinion from everything I know that better medical alternatives exist and a lot of the current support for the medical benefits of weed are based on anecdotal evidence.


Weed is a Medicine 💉 not a drug 💊, weed is a spice not a drug 💊, weed can help a community both in economy and health sector....