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Should Musing also add a button to share to Reddit?

No. I don't think Musing.io should do this because placing a button that will take a user away from Musing.io is counterproductive, especially right now. 

First, you have to ask first, what is the purpose of this button and who will benefit from it? I can't imagine an answer to that question that will be productive for Musing.io. Will it generate new user interest? No. Because the only people who will see the button is are those already using Musing.io. Will it enrich the user experience of those already using this platform? I can't see how. Reddit is a discussion board and a place where people share and aggregate news. In this respect, most of the news there already exists elsewhere. So, sending users there will not really help the platform. In fact doing so, will only benefit Reddit, so there's no point. 

Second, the platform is still too new to explore growth by going to other websites like Reddit. In fact, it doesn't matter whether this button is going to Reddit or Quora, or anywhere else. If Musing.io is going to grow, it cannot just send its users away to other websites mindlessly. I think before Musing.io starts sending it's users to outside the platform, it should first explore ways to really generate interest from within the platform. Maybe there are features that, if added into Musing.io can really improve user experience, such that there is no more need to venture elsewhere. 

Finally, this doesn't mean that Musing.io cannot work with other websites or platforms. If there is an opportunity for the platform to enrich it's user experience by sending them to other websites, then why not? But, of course, there has to be a clear purpose and benefit, such that the other website or app must complement Musing,io and not compete with it. Better yet, rather than unilaterally placing buttons going to other websites, maybe Musing.io can explore reciprocity with other websites. Of course, this is something that people should consider somewhere down the line, not right now. 

So, there is no need for Musing.io to add a Reddit button, especially right now, because it's not productive to the platform and it's too soon to consider.

Hope this helps.


No. Redditors generally aren’t too welcoming to such kind of promotion. They prefer to answer the questions themselves, yet the goal of the buttons is to share (questions included) the great answers.

Not to take the discussion away, but to attract a larger audience.


Absolutely not. Musing is not a competitor to Reddit, but more of a Quora competitor, and before you ask, no, Musing shouldn't add a button to share to Quora either.

Quora ought to add a button to share to Musing!!


I don't see any reason for it to. If you want to post it to a specific sub-reddit, then go ahead and do it from the Reddit interface. It is not much more effort (compared to a Reddit share button) at all. Most of the Musing questions would probably not be a good fit for Reddit anyway.