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Is it harder to earn steem in musing nowadays?
I think its getting harder to earn steem in musing nowadays as their are many questions nowadays with answers.

I have used @musing when it first came out. This was before it received major delegations for its operations. I refrained from using this dapp when Steemit Defence League surfaced. For details about that saga, do a search on the blockchain. This group terrorized planktons with many faucet accounts acquired from Micro Workers.

Why, you might ask? The person plagiarized and spammed the network; something she would never admit. Instead, she chose to wage a pointless war while shilling for Sti-shit.

(It's actually Stish-it, but I find it funnier to call it otherwise.)

Since @musing ranked answers based on their net number of votes at the time, you can see why I had to stop temporarily. It was comical seeing my answers with a negative number of votes despite of positive payout.

Then, the ability to post answers as a blog post became unavailable. This forced me to take on another break from it, which allowed me to focus on other projects on the blockchain.

Today, I am glad to be back on @musing, to give the blockchain a piece of my mind. I find my Musing posts receive more feedback from others compared to some of my other works. There is definitely more engagement on the dapp compared to vanilla Steemit.

Of course, this is facilitated by the fact that I use a satirical tone for most of my answers. Some of my followers appreciate that writing style.

When you complain about receiving a smaller vote, count your blessings. Many Steemians receive less recognition for their content than our random <500-word answers. 

Besides, why so worried? Enjoy your journey on the blockchain.


Kind of Hard but compared to other Steem platforms, Musing is still much much better even though there are now many users to compete with.

What I really love about Musing is that all upvoted content (question and answer) are all upvoted manually. This totally eliminates any bias compared to what I noticed on other platforms. I noticed on some platforms that if you are friends with their curators and/or even the developer himself then no matter how low-quality your post is, you will still get an upvote. Why? Because Connections!

We are just lucky that Musing really picked unbiased curators. If you look at all the upvoted QnA's you'll notice that most if not all are of decent-to-exceptional quality. Connections do not work here! 

One problem I see though is that since it's now starting to gain the attention of the Steem community, with only around 420,000SP @musing have no choice but to decrease a little bit their upvote weight to accommodate all good content published to the platform. It still is a good amount of upvote weight though :) 


The simple answer is No. It is not hard at all to earn STEEM in musing. I'll, share some of the ideas that I've been following to earn on musing platform and if you are consistent and working ethically that earning in musing will not be difficult. 

- Questions & Answer -  We all know that on musing platform you earn cryptocurrency via asking questions and answering questions. The cryptocurrency you earn here is SBD[Steem backed by Dollar] & Steem Power. SBD can be converted to STEEM via. market if required. The point here is that you need to ask the right questions by this I mean first check the question wasn't asked earlier and also see that your questions make sense to the larger audience. Also, place the question to the proper tag, as an example if you are asking a question tied to money than the appropriate tag here would be money. 

Coming to the Answer part - please be very cautious that you are not doing any copy-pasting, don't get involved in plagiarism and spamming. The more you stick to the rules and regulations the higher is the chances for you to earn here on musing. Also, I would recomended that you answer the question in which you have expertise. This doesn't mean that you cannot answer other questions which aren't tied to your expertise if you are interested in answering than do proper research and answer based on your understanding do not copy others content - rather respect it and give the source credit if you had used the article as a reference.

- Consistency is the key

To be successful in any work a person needs to be consistent. The same logic applies while earning at the musing platform. May it be asking the question or answering them you should be engaged on the platform regularly. This simply helps you in building your network and at the same time help you understand what your audience like i.e if you get an upvote or a reply to your answer you get an understanding how helpful it was to him or her. As a result, it builds confidence in you and you thrive further in getting more engaged and finally more income from the musing platform.

Now if I were to compare it with me then I would say that  - at first I found it hard earning at musing. But slowly and gradually when I started understanding the platform and the community it kept me motivated and engaged and as a result, I got rewards from the musing platform in terms of SBD and Steem power.  So, if I were to sum it up in one line - Just be consistent in what you are doing follow the rules and you should be on the right track on earning from musing.


I have to say that each day it is getting harder and harder. That tells me the site is growing and i a good thing really.

take more time over your answers and reply as best you can and maybe you will or won't be rewarded. Nothing in life is guaranteed so it is the same with musing. If some effort has gone into the answer you may have received  a 20 % vote 2 weeks ago and today a 5% vote. 

There are way more users on musing now and the vote has to be stretched even further now. If musing.io power up though there are some benefits as the site grows. Their vote is a lot larger and can be shared out even more.

I can see in the near future a 5% vote being a big vote and not 15 or 20 percent. This I don't mind as we are all here to have fun and earn rewards. Just be grateful for whatever comes your way.


Well I have been in here for the past few days and to be honest I do like it very much here and if we compare other Steem Platforms than it is much more easier for users like us.

While yes in a way as the no of users are increasing everyday in here and the amount of Answers and Questions we are receiving in here it is becoming hard everyday but the quality questions and answers are still getting upvotes from Musing.

While compared to the start it is getting harder everyday to earn Steem in here. Well it sure is one of the best way to earn steem by sharing the knowledge with each other and that is what that I like about Musing. Moreover the Curation team of Musing they are doing their best in supporting users with quality Q & A. 


I think you are correct.  It isn't just the fact that there are more questions though.  More questions would actually be a good thing.  I also think it is a perception issue.

For example even just a month ago, there were far fewer people using musing.io.  Because there were less people, the upvotes from musing were more frequent and more abundant.

Now, there are many more people on the platform.  Musing is probably handing out the same amount in upvotes if not more than they were in the past, but because there are more people, they need to spread it around more.

Plus since there is more content, it takes longer for the manual curators to sift through all of the questions and answers that are being posted.  This means that you will not see upvotes from musing as frequently as you had in the past.

This may give the impression of lower payouts.

There is definitely more competition, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.  It just means we need to step up our game and provide quality answers to the questions that are being posted.

If we truly want musing.io to succeed, we need to see the benefits it provides and not just see it as a way to earn money from the generous delegation the musing account has.


I think it is the same as steemit. Anywhere you reply weather it is here or steemit has a chance to get voted or not. If it does not get voted then you get nothing. If it does get voted then my answers here usually pay out better than what steemit rewards do.