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How long do you usually cash out your steem?
I am curious of whether everyone here would first accumulate the total amount collected before cashing out or just when there is some amount and it's cashed out

That depends on my requirement. Unless I need some money, I usually keep those in my steem wallet. As such there is no plan to when to sell. But if I see the price pumps up, then I feel comfortable to sell at a higher price.

Some people are extra dependent on steem, so they need money on weekly basis, or even daily basis. The low price of steem is making it difficult for those kind of people and they must be in a dilemma of whether to sell or not to sell. The entire crash of steem from 8 usd to 0.3 usd looks really fishy to me, I feel some big guys have really manipulated the price of steem in particular. I can not believe steem has lost 96% of its value from its all time high.

I am very certain that I am not going to sell my steem at this low price and I will wait at least for steem to recover to a value around 0.8 usd or more.


Well. I'm sure everyone's withdrawal will be based on their needs at a set time. I'm relatively new on the platform. Yet, I have some information on how too work things out. I don't think I will want to withdraw just when I get a payout. The dividend will be too small to do anything tangible with it. I'm not a super whale, so, my every payout is still very small and can barely even recharge my phone with the smallest unit of recharge available in my country. I'll prefer to wait till about a month time and sell everything I've accumulated over the period.

Beyond that, the seller I'm planning to deal with would only accept when the steem or sbd is up to $50. There's no way I'd get that within a week. Well, not at the moment. So, it's only natural that I should wait for a longer time...


@Luueetang, I am an "Full Time Steemian" and i try to cash out weekly basis but now facing the rough phase because the prices are very low but i am continuing and i am holding the positive mindset and hopefully the market will going to bounce back soon.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


I cash out once a week, around 80 STEEM.

In my opinion, this is healthier than I keep it when the price is still acceptable. However, when the price is very cheap like now, I will HODL anytime, until the price increases. Minimum return to point $ 0.65 / STEEM.