Which five destination in the world would you want to one day visit?
For me the top five would be 1. USA 2. Hong Kong 3. Europe 4. Miri 5. AUSTRALIA

My top 5 destinations would be

1. The Black Forest in Germany because I have flown over it and would like to see it properly.

2. France as the whole country is magic and still have so much to see.

3. Bali. I need to experience one of those hotel rooms on stilts over the Ocean.

4. Hong Kong. Shopping and no other reason.

5. USA. Been there and spent a month but need to spend a lot longer next time or multiple times.

These all rely on Steem doing well as I don't like budget holidays. I do like luxury and buying things.  

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There are several countries that I want to visit if I have enough money in the future.

1. Mecca

As a Muslim, I would love to perform the Hajj, or at least Umrah.

2. Madinah

I want to know the city where the prophet of Muslims fought hard.

3. Italy

Now,  if this country is reported to have a high artistic aesthetic, so I  really want to prove the beauty of the place with my own eyes.

4. Turkey

Reportedly, there are various ruins of historical buildings that can be learned. I want to document, and want to learn stories of war in the past.

5. Japan

Ooops, the reason is very simple, I want to hold or at least see the original cherry blossoms.

6. South Korea

Opps again, I'm a Korean drama lover, and really want to meet my idol.

7. Philippines, Pakistan, India

For the last point I combine it into one, because there are some of the best friends I know from Steemit and Musing. 

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I am not really much of a tourist but there are countries I would really love to visit sometimes in the future and here they are

France: For some reasons, I've always loved the french culture, I really do not know why but I probably would pay a visit to find out why.

Paris: Also, second to France. Now just because I love love French and their lifestyle, I would love to visit Paris. I love the way they love, lol.

Dubai: Yes, Dubia, one of my dream countries. Dubia is currently one of the top Blockchain countries in the world, filled with so much goodness and richness. A country for all things relaxation for me.

USA: I have quite a couple of friends in the US. I would love to pay a visit and say HI sometime.

India: Mehn, do I love these people. I see their movies most of the time and I have quite picked a liking for them. I should visit and see what they're up to sometime soon.


1. Saudi Arabia: For Religious reasons

2. Egypt: One the really significant locations that played an important role in the inception of civilization. So I would like to admire those ancient structures and the many antiquities in their museums.

3. Dubai: Many lovely skylines and their cuisine seem spectacular. The tallest building is also currently there. I think. So I would like to step into Burj Khalifa one day.

4. U. S. A: For technology and business reasons

5. Russia: For science and technology reasons.