Do you usually type your answers on the musing platform using your handphone or your computer or any other device?
Survey to know where everyone types their answers on
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It depends.  For the most part I am usually in my office at my desktop computer.  I am lucky enough to be old enough to have actually taken a typing class when I was in high school.  That's right, we used actual typewriters to learn how to type.  I am not the best, but I am pretty fast and I find that I can get my thoughts and answers down pretty quickly this way.

When I am at home in bed, I will occasionally answer a couple of questions on my phone, but it takes me much longer to compose a response than it does when I am at my desktop.  I usually am only able to answer one or two questions that way before I am ready to give up.

I am currently out of station and I don't have my laptop with me, that's why I am answering through my cellphone. However when I am at home town I prefer to do most of my work on my laptop.

Also while at hometown, when I am out of home, I use my cellphone to do my stuff and keep myself connected to the internet.

So in general, I am a combo of both cellphone and laptop. It is all about the situation and availability.

It depends:

- at the office, I use my computer (laptop) to work on Musing

- on the train, I use my iPad to work on Musing

- at home, I also use my iPad mostly

- anywhere else, waiting in a line or something, 5 spar minutes I have, I use my iPhone to Muse ;-)

 I love music and lovely song's and I prefer to work on anything with listening to my favorite music. My answer is pretty yes because I really like to work with music and yes also on missing to answering the question. Because this way is very good for me to make my mind fast and refresh. I feel like I'm alive and I never felt sleepy doing anything with listening to my music.

I mostly use my cell phone with headphone because I love to work on my mobile. You can easily read out any answer on cell phone easily and stay connect fast on mobile phones.

So I really like music in my life. It's my passion I never forget that and never leave. I think most people like music in doing anything like office work, domestic chores, traveling, riding and jogging. I personally like to listen music in doing all these things in my life. Music is one of the great options in everyone's life to live such a fully passion.  

I actually use my phone to answer questions on musing because I am used to it and I am very fast when am using phone.

I only use my laptop. If I had to use my phone it would take way too long. I have big fingers and normally have to type twice as slow to be more careful.

I use my Steemit page to load photographs if needed and wouldn't know how to do that using my phone.

Actually I never answered any question somewhere else than on my PC.

I mean using my mobile phone is possible, but I usually try not to use too much of my mobile data, and when I'm home, where there's WiFi, I can just turn on my PC as well ;-)