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Why some guys want to cover the bald part of the hair up their hair when others know that the part is actually bald.?

 "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush"

I dated an older woman for a while, I asked her why she dyed her hair so much. She simply asked me "What looks better, gray hair or blonde"?

See, the point I am making here, is even though her hair was obviously dyed because she was gray, the "artificial" hair, looked better than the real, gray hair. 

The same applies for baldness. It's not attractive to be bald, so some men try to hide it, and women as well can suffer from baldness. 

I'm partially Italian, and in the beginning stages of balding. I'm actually fortunate, to be 32 and only have little receded. Other family members are not so lucky. One of my parents being Irish descent helped slow this process down by about 10 years, but I will not escape aging. It's already started. 

Personally, I won't use a hair piece, because I know women will find me irresistible either way, and I really don't care if they don't. I will walk with pride, no matter what my natural appearance is.