How long can you live without internet?

You are going to make me sound old now lol. I can remember when there was no internet and you played board games with the family and read books.

The family was actually more together as a unit unlike families today. If something happened tomorrow and we lost the internet for good I honestly wouldn't mind. I could happily live without it and I would throw my cell phone away as well if it came to it.

These things are not overly important as there is life besides a computer and a phone. The young generation of today has no concept of communicating and spending time with people without technology somewhere.

You have holidays now where you have no access to technology so you have a proper break from everyday life. These holidays are becoming more and more popular.


 Hi !!!  

If you had asked me this, months ago I would have said that it would be impossible for me to live without the internet without a doubt ... but things change. 

I tell you a little history, I live in Venezuela and here there is a lot of insecurity, my phone was stolen months ago and I could not buy another one because it is very expensive, so I have to have a normal phone, here we call it "gallito "of those who do not have internet, and only serve to send text messages and call. 

Since I have it I have learned to live without social networks, no instagram, no whatsapp, among other things ... In fact I currently only use the internet to watch series on netflix and to use musing and steemit haha

So I could go to an island for several months without using the internet and I would be HAPPY enjoying nature. 

 We are currently too addicted to the internet, in fact we no longer look at people when we talk, now we are going to eat with our partners and we want to take pictures of everything and we do not really enjoy the food or the moment, we are always interested in the "likes" "We receive and believe that not getting enough is not important.

I think the technology is great, in fact I want it to continue advancing day by day but I think it has made us a little "stupid" and dependent on it. We should depend less on technology and start living really, like in the old days where you could go to a party or a family reunion and really share with people.

Having no cell phone learned to eat a delicious meal without taking a picture first, I learned not to always want to publish where I am, I learned not to want to review the lives of other people all the time and I also started to ignore what the people think about me. If at some point you want to get away from society, I recommend you stay away from social networks, it's great up to a point! 

 Obvious, I still love instagram, whatsapp, twitter and for sure in what has a phone I will use them again !!  



The rest of my life.

I am one of the "Ancient" ones, who comes from a time LONG before the internet existed (yes yes we did have the wheel thanks for asking).

I grew up outside, with friends I could see, touch and actually interact with, not just via a screen.

I read books. These are the things you see in a place called a library, many many pages glued together in a logical order.

I placed physical items (VHS tapes, CD's, DVDs, BlueRays) into another physical device, a player, and watched movies and television shows that way.

I played games on the PC, sometimes alone, sometimes in what was called a LAN party which still required other people to be physically present to join the game.

I went to department stores to buy things.

I didn't know where my friends were every minute of every day since they didn't "checkin"

I said I had 4 or 5 friends, not 400 or 500 I had never met in real life.

I had to learn things for myself, be capable and depend on myself.

Knowledge was gained from books (see above re: library), If I wanted to know how to do something I had to look it up in an encylopedia (a type of book) and not ask a question on a forum or watch youtube videos.

I existed well before the Internet and if I had no internet would continue to exist for as long as I could.


Until I die. 

The internet is a wonderful tool that we have incorporated into our lives. It's not a necessity for survival. If anyone cannot find the will to live without it, they need to seek professional help.