Do you think that if our parents kept fighting in a really violent manner would affect how the kids behave in the future?
Do you think behaviors are caused by parenrs

One of the worst things that can happen to a child is to witness constant domestic violence. Having to witness your parents constantly fighting and yelling and getting violent is a terrifying experience that has been proven to be capable of leaving a child irrevocably scarred for the rest of his/her life.

Number one among the many adverse effects of this is the EXTREME EMOTIONAL DISTRESS to the child. I've witnessed this a lot, and I can tell you that the amount of disorientation you feel at the time is unspeakable. A myriad of uncomfortable emotions run through you and you have no idea whether to yell or cry or enter the ground. All you want to do at the time is disappear.

You experience this enough and you start to get real disorientations. Like someone involved in an extremely traumatic event even. Children who witness or are subject to constant domestic violence have been known, in fact, to suffer from cases of post traumatic stress disorder.

The kind of fear that comes of the helplessness you feel at the time is completely abnormal and extremely unhealthy. Again this may lead to a case of lack of self confidence in the kid. Another thing that may happen is the kid starts to recede, can't socialize, can't focus on his or her studies. All this can leads to insecurity and a deterioration of self esteem, making it harder for the child to live a fulfilling happy life in the future.

Furthermore the words spoken during these kinds of domestic uneasiness have a way of sticking with the child, so that if s/he doesn't turn out a complete loner or cynic or pessimist, s/he would be an extremely angry, extremeley aggresive person who lashes out at people and never seem to get long. Of course nobody would care to know that this is just a coping mechanism that adapts what the person had been exposed to while just a kid.

So in the end we not only have an angry, aggressive kid who can't seem to fit in, but also one who's afraid of having any form of relationship. Afraid it might turn out just as his parents'.

Society though doesn't care much what we've been through that made us as fucked-up as we are. And who can blame them. It falls on the parents to make sure they avoid such heated arguments in the presence of their kids. Sure there'd be misunderstandings, but they owe their children the responsibity of shielding them from it. Showing love and affections to each other in front of their presence is a lot more advisable.

The importance of a good home in child development can not be overstated. Hopefully we advance as a race and put an end to the evil that is domestic violence. To learn more on the topic I advise this article;




A toxic relationship between a violent father and a nagging mother will result into an unhealthy relationship will in turn result to a psychologically unstable family. The truth is a drunken father who is always fighting with the woman will have a negative effect on the children because it will make the children develop an improper notion about a particular gender of people let's say a man who always beating his wife, his young daughter may develop a notion that men are violent, and this may affect the lifestyle she may turn out to lead, she may become violent and hateful and this may lead her to becoming a lesbian as a result for hatred of men.

For a boy, he may grow up hating his father for beating his mother and this may lead him into doing drugs hanging out with the wrong set of people and comiting crimes that may put him behind bars. All these can result as a result of fighting and quarrelling parents.


Yes I do. Whether we like it or not, we learn most of what we know from our parents. They are the first point of learning for their kids. Children do not know much so they assume that their parents do. That's why most children believe whatever their parents say up to a point. So when they see their parents fighting, deep down they may not like it but that's what they'll learn.

The violence will start among the siblings, then they become violent with friends and then it goes on from there, all because it was what they always saw growing up.

This spreads beyond just domestic violence though. In every field of life, kids do things mostly the way their parents did before they grow into their own way of life


Yes it would affect how kids will behave in the future.

Kids and even adults who are constantly exposed to violence would be affected with it.  It could make someone believe that the world is not a happy place to live with constant violence around him.

He could probably be violent too as he might think that it was just normal or okay to behave like that since his parents are like that. 

Having violent parent can make their kids rebellious and that could lead to various bad things. Like being addictive to some substances, doing bad things to get the attention and hurting others too.

Although there could be some who will still grew up fine even with violent parents, they are still affected of it like having a sad childhood life, being emotional affected easily and maybe hatred towards their parents.


The early years of a kid is very crucial and important in such kid's development. Everything kid's see their parents do, they are very likely to repeat such thing in the future. Parents should be very care of what they say and how they act in front of their kids. They are the first teachers of the kid and anything the child learns from the parents is very likely going to remain with the child for a life time.

Parents fighting in front of their kids is very bad. The kids interpret everything that they see their parents do as normal. And when the kids constantly see their parents fight or abuse each other, they tend to interpret such actions as normal everyday human behaviour. Such kid will grow up believing that its normal to physically hurt or abuse someone.

So yes. Parents fighting in front of their kids will greatly affect the kids in the future because the kid will interpret such an act as a normal human behaviour. Abusing and hurting the person you're supposed to be loving and cherishing is not normal. Let's be very careful of what we do in the presence of our kids


Children's minds are like sponges. If a child is abused, there is a high likeliness the child will either be an abuser his/herself, or the complete opposite.

I was the victim of childhood abuse. It caused tremendous problems for me, and my 5 younger siblings. Fortunately, I was able to see the wrong in my abusers behavior, and make a conscious decision to not repeat the pattern. 

More often than not however, abusers were once victims themselves. 


Absolutely they would think that this behavior is normal.

Children learn from their parents and you as a parent have to be careful to shield them from any bad behavior. Parents fighting will have a massive influence and may bring about aggression in them.

It could have the opposite effect as well forming a hatred towards one of the parents. In their minds they could see who is at fault. Could force them into their shells causing mental scarring.


Absolutely. Parents who fight violently make a really unstable and terrifying home environment for a child. Their emotional, cognitive and social development can be seriously harmed by violence in the home. As a result of the violence witnessed or having been victims of, the children might develop violent tendencies themselves when they grow up. All this is well documented.


As a child, we mirror the behaviours of our parents and if there is a toxic relationship between our parents, it's bound to indirectly be part of our socialization process which would only come out visible when We grow up and start building our own relationships.

Many of the rape cases or domestic violence we see today was because parents could not hide their bad behaviours in front of their kids and their kids grows and start seeing such behaviours as a societal norm.

If parents fight violently in front of their kids, their kids are bound to emulate such behaviour when they grow up because socialization starts with the parents and once the parents do that in front of their kids without due recourse to the fact that their kids are watching and mirroring their behaviour, the kids would eventually see it as a normal behaviour and would take that mindset to their relationships when they come of age.