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Are you scared of the dark, what is the scariest thing you fear most in the dark?

No I am not afraid of the dark. I am only afraid of bashing my pinkie toe. I can remember bashing the same toe about 4 times in one week. It went different colors and I try to be more careful now.

I don't have an imagination that runs away with me and i am not afraid of many things. The dark thankfully is not one of the things I fear.


I'm not afraid of the dark but of people who use dark times to commit illicit acts. Those I'm afraid of.  Unfortunately in some places it's not safe to walk in the dark, so I'm careful about where I go after dark.   Better safe then sorry. 


Haha interesting question.

I was afraid of the dark because I could not see anything. Therefore I feel in danger and threatened.

Well, the thing I fear most is "Ghost" because my local myths are very thick.