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How often do you watch movies in the Cinema?

I used to go quite frequently.  Pretty much any time a new blockbuster was coming out or something was playing that had an actor or actress that I really like.  

Now, it is pretty rare that I go to the movie theater.  If I had to break it down, it would probably only be once or twice a year.  

I would rather watch a movie or show at home with my wife and dog.

That is just how my tastes and habits have changed over the years.


Honest though I love to watch movies, I only go to the movies when it comes to a movie with great special effects or that is very expected (a blockbuster). Most of the time I prefer to wait and buy them in blue ray to see them with more tranquility at home.

So I would say that I go perhaps once a month and yet many times I do not go for months. But I certainly try to watch as many movies as I can.


On average I watch one per month.

Some months it's 2 or 3 films, other it's a fat Zero. There's not much to choose from, sadly.