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Who manages finance better in marriages,the husband or wife?

Well I'm not one to pick between the two sexes but I imagine the woman will manage the finances better than the man will.

Its no secret that in most cases the woman is the one that manages the home. It's what society demands and expects and all though I feel that it should be something that is shared between the husband and the wife, women will almost always be the ones to take charge while the husband plays a more supporting role when it comes to managing the home.

In most cases men are the breadwinners and their the ones that bring home the paychecks but if I learned anything from my parents marriage it's that just because you're the one who makes the money doesn't mean you're the one who decides how you spend it.

In most homes I've come across, women are usually the ones that take stock of what is needed in the house, they're the ones that know when the house is running low on provisions and foodstuffs, they know when the food in the house is finishing, they know when the cooking gas is finishing and when the washing soap is running low so they're the ones that'll tell the man how to spend the money.

The man may call the shots in some homes but when it comes down to who runs the finances, it's the woman. The husband is basically the bank where she makes withdrawals and this system has worked for eons so I'm going to stick with my initial statement and say that the wife manages the finances better.


Great question, I have to say neither me or my wife are any good with our finances as we just spend money as it comes into our accounts, some times this leads to us not having any money to do anything as we are that bad.

What we have done now is give all our money to my mum, she is great at budgeting and makes sure we have what we need and keeps are spending habits down.

This was a long journey for us both, as we have been together for 14 years and only just sorted this out over the past 3 years.

I we were to be left to our own devices we would still be in the same situation we were in.  

So looking at your question i think it depends on the person's in the marriage and what they are like with money. 


Any of the gender could become better in financial managament if they follow the money management tips below

Cash administration is imperative and I have a couple of tips here to enable you to begin.

Discuss cash with your life partner. Examine everything. The amount you both gain, the amount you need to spare, are there any obligations that ought to be paid, charge cards and so forth. Simply discuss everything and don't conceal anything from one another.

Set objectives. Here and now objectives and long haul objectives ought to be set. Give them a chance to be plainly composed. In the event that you need to possess your own home in 5 years, better set the objectives. This keeps things in context.

Decide the amount you got the opportunity to spare month to month to achieve your objectives. You both are working and that is great. Set out the amount you will contribute each to the reserve funds to achieve your short and long haul objectives. Make your reserve funds practical.

Keep a few assets for the stormy days. This ought to be separated from your principle funds. Only a token you can set aside should issues like installment delays, overabundance costs come up. This will guarantee that you don't contact your reserve funds.

You don't need to keep a shared service yet in the event that you would, it be able to will be sweet. A shared service causes both of you to be responsible to one another.

Contribute. You can contribute with your fundamental investment account. Rather than simply keeping the assets at the bank, you can put it in a trust reserve or some other productive business that you are certain of. Be cautious with speculations. Be additional cautious.

Try not to be attentive to provide for the penniless. Giving open new entryways for increment so give a bit.


It is dependent on the personality traits of the couple. 

There is no clear answer here. Some women are very good at managing money, and some men are very good at it too. I've known women who are terrible with money, and men as well. 

I think the best scenario, is when the couple are able to work together , and agree on financial aspects of their marriage, otherwise, disagreements will inevitably occur. 


Good question. I suppose that varies a lot from marriage to marriage. 

But women's purchases account for about 70-80% of all retail sales in the USA. American households have a very low savings rate and a high degree of debt on average. These two facts put together tell me that women are not doing a particularly good job using the household money.