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What is the best way to handle "hurt"?

Agony can be a teacher. In the event that you have been candidly hurt by somebody, you mind is attempting to adapt to the loss of the joy it had before when it was blameless of realizing what that other individual could do to you. The inquiry at that point moves toward becoming "is it justified, despite all the trouble to do a similar thing once more?" Most of the time it is on the grounds that without torment we can't know genuine bliss and euphoria. Hazard is life and keeping away from torment can make you deter yourself from attempting to pursue your fantasies. Hurt is there to make you more grounded. The more hurt, the more you live through, the more grounded and progressively certain you can move toward becoming.

Concerning adapting to the hurt today, enjoy it for a short sweet period. Cry to music, draw or expound on the agony, convey what needs be and enable yourself to truly feel the hurt. It harms for a reason, however don't flee, figure out how to express it until the point when you don't feel it any longer. I'm not saying to flounder in your own notorious "stuff," I'm stating give yourself a timeframe to manage it at that point proceed onward. We will in general abstain from feeling in this general public since sentiments are viewed as shortcoming. Yet, the most grounded individuals I have known are the most enthusiastic. Be enthusiastic and contact the internal artist in you.


Well As cliche as it really sounds, Time will recuperate all and you will in the end get over it, I've been harmed in the past gravely to the point I was near sucecide on the grounds that I figured I could never get over this, or I should state I would not like to get over this.

I then understood this is my life, I ought not let another person's choices or activities pulverize my life and let them "win".

also, when you pass this and proceed onward and recuperate and turn into a significantly more grounded individual than you were previously, you'll before long understand that nothing can stop you since you'll generally think back and say "recollect when I thought this was the end and the more terrible thing to ever happen to me but I escaped that mind edge and discovered love and life and satisfaction again"


The best way to handle hurtache is try to forget bad experience. The more you will think the more you will hurt. Don't burn ego in your heart and mind. It gives you nothing. Try to keep yourself happy always. It will definitely work for you


Almost everyone has experienced heartache in his life.

Both in family, friendly, and community.

Like sadness and joy, this feeling is a natural thing in human life.

What's more, humans are social beings, which in every interaction cannot be separated from mistakes.

The reason for this feeling also varies.

From simple problems to big problems, that could be the cause.

For example, starting from differences of opinion, conflict or dissonance, so that jealousy and jealousy.

If this feeling is allowed to swell too long in the heart, then it will not be healthy. The owner will be stressed and will not be cheerful.

How to deal with heartache,

Well, here are some tips..


Before we blame others, we should see ourselves.

Maybe we are hurt by the words of our brother, but he does not mean to hurt.

Try asking yourself why our brother is so.

It is not our fault that we have made a mistake.

2. Keep away from Nature and Envy

The heart and the envy are some of the spaces that are the door for the devil to enter the human heart.

Excessive desires, can make someone blind and deaf.

When not based on faith, a dreamer tends to do various ways to get what he is saying.

It is envy and envy.

This nature comes from the love of material things, honor, and praise.

Humans will not be calm when in the heart of this nature.

Humans will never be grateful, because they always feel less.

He always looks upward, and seems unwilling to see others have the advantage over him.

So first eliminate that attitude, so envy will disappear by itself and will give you a cheerful smile on your face.