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Do you think moon landing was a hoax?

During the Apollo missions including Apollo 11, retroreflectors where placed on the moon. If you have a strong enough laser, you can aim at them and calculate the current distance of the moon from the earth from the reflection. The existence of these retroreflectors on the moon which can easily be verified proves that the moon landing was not a hoax.


It is one of those things that the more you look at it the less you think they did. What throws it for me is the training sets that were made up of what the astronauts were going to do on the moon. 

Why have the sets made up depicting everything exactly when it is training. You only need the surface without the back ground photos. These sets were just too well done for just training purposes.

We must remember at the time the US was in the Space race with Russia. Russia had been sending unmanned space craft into space since 1959 and it was only a matter of time. Kennedy's famous speech where he says"we do things not because they are easy,but because they are hard".

I do believe that they got to the moon eventually but not in the time frame they depict the first few Appolo's didn't land on the moon and the sets were used to con the world and show everyone how powerful the US was. It was propaganda to keep the funds flowing for NASA justifying the $25 billion budget.

There is so much evidence pointing against the Appolo's landing and if they were true there wouldn't be. There have been so many cover ups in history and the US government has had question marks in the past.


TLDR: As somebody who invested energy searching for faked moon landing contentions that seemed well and good experimentally, I found that they don't exist.

As a young person, I pursued a considerable measure of paranoid notions. I had a companion that was a devotee to a considerable measure of them, and it rubbed off on me. In any case, I was for the most part following paranoid notions as an approach to make the world more great and audacious, my doubt of the legislature pursued from the fear inspired notions, not the a different way. So I never had motivation to investigate moon landing deception claims, since the moon arrival independent from anyone else was pretty dang superb.

Quick forward around three decades, and my training and pastimes have a genuine specialized factor. Somebody at long last turns out with the computer game that I've needed as long as I can remember. Kerbal Space Program. It's a session of making and flying space missions utilizing "lego square" type building, associating motors to fuel tanks and such, utilizing genuine material science or at times, approximations or rearrangements. Models of the rearrangements would be that it utilizes fixed conics instead of n-body material science for circles. Not horrendously erroneous as the Apollo missions where arranged out utilizing fixed conics. The streamlined features subsystem is likewise a gross estimate. What's more, indeed, there are mods to make the approximations more precise, they're simply not part of the base amusement since it's a diversion first, test system second, and it takes a unique kind of masochism to need to play full on genuine, OK, not all that matters, but rather however much as could reasonably be expected.

While viewing Youtube recordings, sometimes I'd perused the remarks amid exhausting parts of the video, and one time, I ran over somebody who appeared to be reasonably contending that we never went to the moon. He presented connects on recordings and sites to help his cases.

After 9/11 and all the intrigue mongering over that, I was in a less confiding set up rationally, so I chose the time had come to investigate the proof behind the moon arrival tricks and see which ones were really proof based.

I pursued those connections. I searched for different recordings and sites that guaranteed that the Apollo mission were scams. I won't connect them here on the grounds that I didn't try keeping such awful data and wouldn't have any desire to expand their wage from view tallies and different promotions.

I found such a significant number of things that would sound persuading, except if you really comprehended what occurred and why. The greater part of them fell into a couple of straightforward classes.

Cases that clear a path too much "presence of mind" suspicions, overlooking the way that the earth of the moon is essentially unique in relation to anything everything except a not very many individuals have any direct involvement with. These cases are persuading unequivocally in light of the fact that they claim to "presence of mind" however fall flat since that good judgment was made in a situation that has diverse standards. Most cases about "moon dust" fall into this class, regolith doesn't work like pretty much any residue or soil you'll discover on Earth, generally on the grounds that it's never been presented to an environment.

Statements taken outside the realm of relevance or when it could have numerous implications, get translated with the goal that the main conceivable significance is the one that backings their cases. Indeed, the dad of present day rocketry said that a rocket that could go to the Moon would be ten times the measure of the Apollo missions. In any case, setting is essential, he was alluding particularly to an immediate mission, where the whole art that went to the moon would arrive on the moon and after that arrival, as opposed to having a little piece of the mass make the genuine landing. Outlining an art to arrive on the moon and still have the capacity to survive reentry is a substantially more noteworthy test than the order module/lunar lander mix actually.

Truly defective rationale. Contending that we never returned to the moon implies we never went there in any case. The Space Shuttle never went to the moon since it wasn't intended to, not on account of setting off to the moon isn't conceivable. To the best of my insight, nobody's crossed the Atlantic in a land and/or water capable auto, however that doesn't demonstrate that voyage ships can't make the adventure.

Level out wrong suspicions. Radiation, especially the Van Allen belts, are treated as a close moment capital punishment, for instance, instead of really looking at the real radiation power and the term of the presentation. At that point there's the suspicion that space past the Van Allen belts have as high of a radiation level as the Van Allen belts themselves. No, the Van Allen belts are not a divider keeping down an ocean of radiation. The Van Allen belts are progressively the waste container of the Earth's attractive field, where it dumps all the junk it gathers ensuring the earth. You don't think your whole house is covered in as much junk as the base of your waste can, isn't that right?

A genuine absence of understanding the science included. Δv (Delta-v) is the nearest thing to miles per gallon (or L/100km) you have in space travel. Pick wherever in the nearby planetary group, and you'll exhaust a large portion of the delta-v required to arrive simply achieving Earth circle. There's a reason Heinlein said that on the off chance that you can get your art into space, you're most of the way to anyplace. Demanding that other than the Moon missions, man has never been in excess of a small amount of a percent of the route to the Moon doesn't imply that it would assume control 100 fold the amount of rocket to achieve the Moon than it does to achieve low Earth circle.

Absolutely unseemly analogies. Huge numbers of the past models likewise fall into this class.

I discovered recordings of boards of specialists where the "specialists" made explanations that were thoroughly wrong or possibly just for the most part wrong, and those announcements went absolutely unchallenged.

Truly, as somebody that was effectively searching for something persuading, the most enticing contentions I found just figured out how to annoy me since people are so effortlessly influenced by things that fall solidly inside the above classes.

I get a kick out of the chance to state that the world turned into a far less brilliant and bold place the day that I understood that it is so natural to bode well contention that sounds great yet is completely separated from the real world, yet in all actuality, it was two entire ends of the week and the majority of the nighttimes between those two ends of the week.

I don't expel fear inspired notions insane even now, however I'm significantly more distrustful than I was previously. This was the first occasion when I investigated a fear inspired notion where I had genuine skill in the topic. It is inept to expect all fear inspired notions aren't right, yet I've seen great that it is so natural to trick non-specialists with something that doesn't hold up to easygoing examination by somebody that is really learned.


There were six genuine arrivals that took people to the Moon.

There were many arrivals that took computerized machines to the Moon (and a not many that took off to bring back examples).

There were likewise phony arrivals: every one of the ones that were made for motion pictures, including "Lady in the Moon" (Fritz Lang, 1929). There were additionally kept an eye on arrivals on Mars in numerous motion pictures from that point forward.

ALL the moon arrivals in those films were phony. Be that as it may, they were not lies, since they were made for a motion picture (work of fiction), not to trick individuals into supposing they were genuine.


No, of course not. There's no good evidence that points towards it being a hoax, so I will stick to the most logical conclusion. 


Everybody loves a conspiracy theory, so I'll go for yes


Lol. no. We landed on the moon. The Russians hated us and monitored it all very closely. If we had not landed on the moon I can gurantee they would have raised holy hell over it and called us fackers and frouds.