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What is the most amazing thing your mother ever did for you?

Mothers are priceless gems whose worth can never be over emphasized. My mother has done so much for me and when i think of them, most are amazing but for the sake of this question i will have to pick one of the most amazing moments for an account. Mom was more of the parent that believed so much in investing, saving for the future of her kids. Dad was doing great but let's just say his views were more of short term while mom was one who thought more about the future of kids. She always will talk to my elder siblings about new properties she had acquired most without the knowledge of dad. I loved dad so much and i hated the fact that mom kept anything from him so i always scolded mom for it.

I was eavesdropping on her conversation with my elder sisters about a land property she had just acquired. The next thing she said was the amazing thing that got my eyes bumping out. She said her private account was placed in my name as sole benefactor  and i could not believe it. I was the one always scolding her to tell dad everything, in fact i was the rebel in that case and yet mom was doing it for me, for us her children.

It was an amazing thing and the next day i could just look at her in amazement. Today, i really appreciate what she did because she has really landed a lot of assets for us and has really saved so much for her kids without the necessary aid of our father. Mom is so amazing and everything i enjoy today are as a result of her hard work and relentless efforts to make our lives better than what she had. Even till now, the benefactor to most of her accounts is me and i can't help but feel happy..


Mothers are wonderful creatures, in fact it would be an understatement if I said mothers are our angels here on earth. From where I'm from mothers are being treated with respect like goddesses.

I can count numerous thongs my mother has done for me and if I said I should start listing them there wouldn't be enough time or space to type everything but one of the most important thing I respect my mother for and appreciate her for is bringing me into this world.

The journey of nine months might look like a normal thing to everyone but day by day as I grow the more and interact with more people including ladies that are just going to womanhood, I realize carrying a child in the womb for nine months is not an easy fast and that thought alone has made some opt for abortion.

Dealing with the back aches, the mood swings, the morning sickness, the excessive appetite and sometimes no appetite and the baby kicks is not an easy thing to cope with, yet my mother endured it all.

As if that isn't enough, the pains of labour is something scientists ranks as the highest pain a woman can feel in life and yet my mother went through all that just to bring me to this world. There is no other thing that can supersede this singular gesture. She went through the pains of motherhood just to give life to me.

Furthermore, my mother made sure i had the best of the best in life even after my father passed on, she stepped in to be both my father and my mother. Truly she is a great woman and I'd never take her for granted.

In a nutshell, mothers are amazing human beings and I celebrate all mothers out there, you'd reap the fruits of your labour and your kids would do you proud. #MothersareAngels.


There are many things my Mum have done and shown towards me are much and all to me are worthy of recognition. My birth owes to the fact that she guard her body to the Core and borough me forth in health; my Moral upbringing owes strongly to her ever present guardians and parents trainings; my passion for success and healthy motives also is strongly ties to her display of good personality. With regards to the question which suggest one peculiar thing our mum has ever done for me I will say my Moral upbringing.

Truly when I look at the moral decadence of the society affecting both male and females it burden me and at same time gives me a reason to be thankful for. It burdens me because I can't imagine a better world or society with state of the younger generation and the pace of societal down corruption; it gives me a reason to be thankful because now I can now appreciate the work and efforts of my Mum in my life to Bring and train me accordingly in ways that that have aligned me for moral standard and societal relevance.

I appreciate moral influence so much because morals have a huge effect on our lives: purpose, careers and entirety of living. It's almost useless if not completely useless if a mum brings u a child she cannot give the child the best in shaping the child into what he or she ought to be. As a lady there are a lot we are susceptible to because of the fragility of our emotion and so the best thing to offer a lady is the ever present love, guidance and training of the girl Child.


I think it is a 100% wrong question. The question should be "What is the most amazing thing you did for your mother?"

Since the beginning of your life, while you were in your mothers womb, your mother started doing the amazing things for you! Only for you, your mothers couldn't eat her favorite dishes (due to morning sickness or hyperemesis graviderum in the first 3 months mainly).  Then you started kicking within the womb which she had to tolerate. She couldn't sleep comfortably at night time because you were growing fast within her.  Presence of any medical conditions such as preeclampsia or diabetes mellitus may had made the condition worse. Then came the event of delivering you; the unbearable pain! ..........

The list is very very long........

Do you think raising a kid is not an amazing thing!!!


It's when she trust me the most and believes I have the potential. She always sees the best in me when I see the "worst" of my self.

Whenever I have problems and challenges, my mother is always there with me. Her constant advice always keeps me moving in life. I become very motivated to do more because she always reminds me that I have a big mission for the family. Being the eldest among all of my siblings is a challenge and a privilege for me.

My mom is always my best supporter, cheer leader and I can say she's very proud of me. I have done a lot of wonderful things in life and my mother is always the first person to be happy about my achievements and success in life.

That alone keeps my inner burning. It keeps the fire burning in me to do more in life because I live with a purpose. My mother always remind me that I've been the greatest and the hope of my siblings. I have a big mission in life that my mother always keeps supporting me and will forever be. I love her very much.


After my 50 hours of work were at last finished, my whole "bolster group", infant and I were totally depleted.

My magnificent Mom sent my Dad and hubby home to get a little rest while she continued to remain up for another entire night in an awkward healing center seat in my confined recuperate room holding my fresh out of the plastic new child kid in her lap with the goal that he and I could get some rest.

You see my ravenous little person had chosen to eat/drink an entire group of amniotic liquid on out and couldn't think about his back for his first couple of days in this world (his stomach was very disturbed and he kept spitting up the stuff which was a gagging danger). Be that as it may, there are exceptionally strict suggestions nowadays about not setting newborn children to mull over their bellies. So my Mom found the main way he could rest easily and securely was his ally, on her lap while she watched him eagerly.

She didn't rest a wink that night (not by any means beyond any doubt in the event that she winked once that night - she was watching him so precisely), yet I got some genuinely necessary rest. I caught a stunning photograph of her toward the beginning of the day, as yet holding him resting calmly sideways on her lap. She resembles the most worn out individual you've at any point seen, yet the most cherishing, proudest grandmother you can envision in the meantime!

P.S. She has done as such, such a significant number of decent things for me it's extremely difficult to keep check, yet this is presumably the best minute I've caught on camera.


Both of my parents were born in a village. My baba studied till class 8 and my maa studied till class 9. Obviously their medium of education was mainly in the Bengali language.

Both of them have suffered a lot of wrath, humiliation, insecurities, lack of opportunities in job sector cause of having no degree though having the experience(my baba faced this),helplessness and a lot of dependency on the ‘educated' others for doing their bank related or any other work involving an understanding of the English language and writing.

My maa especially made it a point that no matter what happens, they'll provide me with proper education and that too from an English medium school. They did it. Even we belong from a lower middle class family, my parents made sure I had enough books, copies and stationeries required for my studies.

I've always considered myself as an average student, and somehow managed to get the second or third rank in my class' section since class 4. That day no one was the happiest than my maa.

They (especially my mother) enjoyed and cherished my little successes as their own successes, as if they had stood second or third in class!

This is a tough world where education and knowledge is important and, the knowing of English is of utmost importance. My mother didn't wish my brother or me to go through the same ordeal they had gone through all their life cause of lack of education. Despite having financial difficulties, they had given their best, going beyond their limits...this is the greatest thing my  have done for me!