How do you see the readiness of the government in dealing with disasters in Indonesia?
Indonesia is back in mourning after the tsunami in Lombok, now the disaster is happening again, this time befall our brothers in Banten and Lampung. our prayers for those who afflict the disaster so that they are always given steadfastness in facing it. Amen

My prayers for this who have been affected in this tsunami and also the band seventeen which lost many of its members. It's really scary looking at the video when the tsunami hit as the perfomance was still on.

I think Indonesia government is going to do well in tackling the recent crisis. This is one of the specialties of the government as they have experience in various crisis situations. The only thing that is next, what should be the steps taken to ensure that there would be a tsunami warning in the future. I guess more measures can be taken to ensure that tsunami prone areas would be monitored more closely to ensure that if one was ever to come again, everyone would at least be somewhat prepared instead of being caught by surprise.

I am also sure that the people of Indonesia are more than willing to help the residents of affected areas and make sure that everyone is at least safe. Luckily nowadays the world is connected and it is much easier to find the much needed help rather than if it was in the past any thing like this would have limited coverage from the media. It will take some while for everyone to recover from.

I pray for those affected. It's pretty sad to see this.