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Would you still stay on musing.io if ads start showing on the website?

It would depend on how obtrusive the ads are going to be. 

If the ads are distracting and if they affect the way I use Musing.io negatively, for example, if I am forced to view ads before answering or posting a question, or if video ads start automatically playing upon loading a page, then I might be compelled to stop using Musing.io. 

However, if the ads are simply display ads that are placed on sidebars or in between questions, then I will still stay on because these are just everyday realities in the Internet nowadays. I am used to them enough that I can tolerate them.

Hopefully, though, Musing.io do not start showing ads. One of the things I like here over Quora is the fact that there are no ads weaved within the content.