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What are the secrets that investment bankers hide from the public?

There are two ways of answering this question. The first way is the way of truth and the second is the way of ‘talk’. Truth is  blindingly pure, and it is so sharp that it might cut us without us even  ever noticing until we are bleeding. So, I will only ‘talk’ and leave  the truth for the last paragraph.

In reality everything is out their for us to read and see in the public domain. their are no facts that are hidden and the speculation cannot really be substantiated by the information that we have in the public domain. 

So here are some facts - 

In the global financial structure, a bank can be thought of as a  ‘node’ where ‘money’ can safely exchange hands. This ‘exchange’ can mean  temporary storage, lending-borrowing, foreign currency reserves,  bullion reserves, physically limited storage for some precious assets  and of course backbone for insurance services (also, minting and  printing fiat in some cases).

Now these services have been historically provided both privately and  by the State. Thus, when we talk about a public bank we know that it’s  origin or backing lies with the State. Public banks can be directly or  indirectly owned by the state. Direct ownership means that a  representative authority of citizens (like a government) runs and  operates the bank. While an indirect ownership could mean a partial  ownership by the government, where it holds the majority stake.

A public bank differs from a private bank in several manners. The  first one being that a public bank works to provide financial service to  the people of the State directly and/or indirectly (depending on its  charter) while a private bank works to deliver maximum profits (within  the boundary of the law of course) to its shareholders.

It is important to understand that in most cases public and private  banks have no real difference in their definition except for their  ownership. Also understand that public banks differ vastly from Central  and Federal banks.

The idea of the public bank is that it provides its services in the  favor of the people. The services would include the same kind as  mentioned above – loans, currency exchange, digital money transaction  services, etc. The banking services provided by a public bank are meant  to serve the people, while retaining enough financial value within it  that it keeps functioning. Even the profits generated by it are  indirectly/directly returned to the people via the state.

My Personal Opinion - 

Banks whether public or private are financial criminals. They exist  to control the flow of money by providing a false sense of security to  the people who use it. They control your money while allowing you to  think that you control it.

At this point of time in history they use fear to make you think that  your money is only safe with them. They fund global events that make you think so. We all know what to call those who use terror to get their way…………