If you could cast a spell,what spell would that be ?


That’s a funny question. I remember growing up and always having the desire to do magic like Harry Potter could. By the way, I’m a sucker for the Harry Potter series. I liked the spells he cast and the fact that he didn’t like to cause harm, intentionally.

If there is one spell I’d like to cast, if I could, would be the spell that gets people to keep their mouths shut as often as possible. The world is too loud and everyone thinks they should be talking at all times. It makes people like us who thrive in silence to feel out of place. A lot of things could get better, there will be less problems if people could keep to themselves at all times, this includes their opinions about other people’s lives.

It’s not uncommon to see people these days poking their nose in other people’s business like they kept something there. I’m all for networking but there should be a limit to everything. It’s getting increasingly difficult for someone to have some peace. Just when you think you’d have time for some meditation, some introspection, someone comes along and thinks that’s the best time for some idle chatter. It’s been difficult to have some ‘me’ time these days and people keep intruding into my privacy. I wish that would end and maybe the ‘silencio’ spell could come in handy!


I wish I had that power! I think it would spell people and make them smarter. I think lack of intelligence is one of the reasons why there are so many problems on our planet. Intelligent people would not choose the presidents they are choosing, nor would they harm nature, nor would they engage in racial or political wars. Intelligent people would be able to realize how important education, solidarity, brotherhood is. And if a person is intelligent he will know that we all share the same sky, that we are navigators of the same boat, and that sooner or later what is bad for you will be bad for the rest. 

It is a pity that intelligence is acquired neither by books nor by spells. Surely we would be a better world, or at least a more balanced and liveable one. 


It would be a blessing for prosperity, abundance & peace!