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Which site do you like most within the Steemit platform dtube, steemhunt, esteem, musing, busy.org and why? Answer about any 2 sites...?
Hello friends, you have presented a little question today, of course you will love this question, and when we are working on this life, there are certainly our favorite sites that we use very much and we love it very much. Answer and why you like those sites so much thanks

Musing and steemhunt are definitely good in a sense that most of the common man of steemit have a way to get started smooth and easy with steem blockchain. I can still remember those days when steemit was new and there were no DApps, people struggled even for months to make some visible earning. Although steem blockchain not primarily designed to give your earning or ROI, yet if you consider a minimum value for the time and effort you put, then the present scenario of so many DApps on the top of steem blockchain offer a new user or minnows a way to put their effort and make something from their time and effort.

In that sequence, out of many DApps I think steemhunt and musing are two such DApps I like the most. While every DApps has been build with a certain purpose and concept on the top of steem blockchain yet I found steemhunt and musing as the most valuable DApps at least from minnows point of view. Musing is the best for me personally, as I always love engaging in Q&A platform and musing is that platform which suits my social activity. 

Further in musing it is not just about rewards or asking & answering question but it is about that value addition you are having on day to day basis, so many thing people are getting to know from the engagement. Similarly in steemhunt, it is not about just hunting a new and innovative product & getting rewarded, rather in the process of hunting those, you are getting to know so many technologies which are likely to make our day to day life simple and smooth and that innovation and creativity is also likely to affect your life in a more positive and organized way. That is the beauty of having such wonderful DApps on the top of steem blockchain.

Thank you and Have a great day.


Well, I am still to officially get on with Steemhunt and Dtube.

So, my best platforms within the Steem blockchain at the moment would be musing and dpoll.


I started using musing just two days ago and so far, I have realized that this is the perfect platform for me. It is by far the best platform for learning on the Steem blockchain and being someone who loves to learn as well as share knowledge, I would out say trying musing is one of the best decisions I have taken on Steemit this year.

**dpoll (https://dpoll.xyz)**

dpoll is another platform where I have been active for just about 3 weeks now. I noticed that dpoll is very much the same like musing with the only difference been the fact that questions are asked on dpoll with some suggestions of possible answers, this suggestions make a poll and dpollers get to vote on their preferred or favorite suggested answer (poll vote) and one can also add a comment along with their vote.

I have been very active on dpoll ever since I got to know about it. Here is a statistics to proof;


**My Conclusion**

Musing and dpoll have some similarities that suit me but I think musing has an upper edge as a center of learning and in terms of active users. Thus, I would fancy spending more time on musing.

**Other two platforms**

1. *Partiko*

Currently, I used @partiko mobile app for commenting and general interactions on the Steem blockchain and I would recommend it to be used in this manner. Partiko does not take a cut of author rewards and for each post/comment made, you earn partiko points.

2. *Esteem mobile app/desktop suffer*

Esteem is very good to use because there are curators who reward good content posted via esteem. This support might be very important especially to newbies and redfishes who are still trying to gain some grounds on the Steem blockchain.

Thank you!


I have used it all, but for now I'm actively using esteem and musing.io

For esteem I have used it for almost a year, esteem really helps my original work, esteem curates it on every post, besides that I use the esteem application on smarthphone, I was very helped accessing the blog and without having to carry the laptop where I went, besides the esteem application it is very suitable for travelers like myself, I can make content and post wherever I am using only my smarthphone.

Whereas musing.io is only a few weeks ago I used it, and the application is very interesting to me, there are many useful insights from questions and answers that are read in musing.io, I even often spend the last few weeks in musing.io. Although this application is fairly new to me, I really enjoy it, I can answer questions from various tags, and this is amazing, besides that I can also ask anything in musing.io and get answers from various friends in this part of the world.


Well as interesting as it sounds all the dapps that you have listed are on my favorite list in different criteria 

While in all of them I would like to choose 

  • Dtube 
  • Musing

Dtube : While there are various reasons that I would like to go for Dtube. One of the most important reason is the community. This is something which I do really like and in all of the dapps that we have seen they are working and doing their best in order to support the users. 

While Dtube videos are really easier in order to express the ideas/events rather than blogs and there is much that can be said in videos and can be expressed much easily as well. While it is also said that you can know/get the idea of a person by watching them so Dtube could be the right platform to make friends and get to know a person a little more better. While after creating video contents I was able to make a lot more of myself mentally and in front of the camera as well. (As being camera shy). Express myself in front of others was not easy at first so it was a nice way to share my feelings with others in here.

As for the rewards in compared to any other dapps Dtube does upvotes with much high rewards with the 2 Million  (little more) that the account of Dtube has. This reward also allows a user to move forward in Dtube and in Steem Blockchain as well. While for myself Dtube has really contributed a lot and it has played a vital role for my Steem Journey in here.

Musing: While this happened out of the blue. As I was on a discord server and there was some talks about Musing and yeah I was curious and it drove me this far. While after being here I was able to gather a lot of things and basically to sum it up I should say "A lot of  things that were unknown to me about Steem Blockchain came in front of me with clear ideas in the form of Q & A". I was able to explore the possibilities of myself and was able to share my thoughts in the form of answers. 

While the rewards are also something exceptional in case of Musing and I do like the way how Musing operates. The Manual upvotes that comes from the curators which really shows the value of the answers are rewarded not by reputation score or someone that is known to the curators. The upvotes does depends on the quality of the answers and this is what keeping Musers (that is what we call Musing users) in here and allowing themselves to go further with their efforts and all. While Musing  does not take any beneficiary reward as well (Unlike other dapps) which makes it much more interesting to use.

Furthermore, all the Musers who are here are continuously trying the best by helping the people with answers and from the field that they are aware of. Which really impresses me very much towards Musing. 

While this 2 dapps will be on top of my list and apart from that I would like to put the rest in these categories

  • Steemhunt 
  • Esteem 
  • Busy.org

Based on my experience, nah lets we talk about monies XD 

Only steemhunt and musing that give us big upvotes. Beside that Steemhunt give us HUNT token that will be token for independent economic in their platform. 

But, if I am allowed to tell the truth, I like both platforms.

First, Steemhunt is channeling my interest in innovative products. I like being a product hunter.

Second, musing is the best place to ask (about something we really don't know), and share experiences and knowledge in it. Moreover, all benefits will be recorded forever on the blockchain. Isn't that great?