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How to train your brain in other to reason like a genius?


Your question is grammatically incorrect - thus obstructing clarity off-the-bat. Refining use of correct language is a significant step.

1. Try to improve your lateral thinking skills. Public education doesn't do that well so that alone would put you ahead of most people.

2. Try to improve your abductive reasoning skills. In some ways similar to #1 above, abductive reasoning goes beyond inductive and deductive reasoning.
Albert Einstein once said, “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

He was of course overstating things a bit, but Einstein’s essential point was that a genius wonders about things, and then wonders about them more.

Genius is always asking questions, is always seeking to understand.

Newton, when asked how he had discovered his law of gravitation, replied, "By thinking about it all the time.”

Same thing.

One day, as Einstein and a friend were crossing the street in Princeton, his friend asked him if quantum mechanics didn’t mean that a star could pop into existence.

Einstein stopped dead in his tracks. He was so deep in thought that he stood in the intersection holding up traffic!

That’s how to think like a genius: maintain your childhood sense of wonder, always ask why, and keep thinking and thinking and thinking about it.
Feed it with positivity. Though to be a genius is not something really easy because some are genius right from their child hood but either way seek for more knowledge, read books that will motivate you to do great things.
I believe this will be a plus to your brain.
the thing that most separates the brilliant from the normal (as I would see it) is the capacity to make associations and affiliations that conventional individuals simply don't see. This is mostly on the grounds that they are better at dynamic reasoning, yet in addition I think since they are great at mentioning objective facts about the way the world works and working up a substantial group of put away information in their heads that they at that point draw from later on, and apply to new circumstances that may be significantly not the same as the one through which they took in the data in any case. So to "prepare" your cerebrum, I figure you would should be exceptionally think in your endeavors to see things from in excess of one edge. You could do this by having a decent consider why individuals with various political perspectives trust the things they accept, and truly endeavor to comprehend their reasoning. You could likewise do this by endeavoring to comprehend conduct of individuals who do things that you find immeasurable. Attempt to see the world from however many diverse vantage focuses as could be expected under the circumstances. What's more, attempt to think of in excess of one arrangement when you are looked with an issue. Look past the conspicuous to consider whether there are different approaches to get where you are attempting to go.