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What are the paradox of life?
To get what you need you should buckle down, however to genuinely buckle down you should forfeit what you need.

You require work understanding to land a position, you require a vocation to get work involvement.

Breathing oxidizes your body (like rust) so by breathing and remaining alive you are gradually slaughtering yourself. That is actually why against oxidants are useful for your wellbeing, they help postpone this procedure.

The following sentence is valid. The former sentence is a lie.

The more swiss cheddar you have, the more openings there are. The more openings there are, the less swiss cheddar you have. In this way, the more swiss cheddar you have, the less swiss cheddar you have.

You are instructed in school that diligent work brings achievement, yet now and again the slightest dedicated individuals are the best and the most persevering individuals are the minimum fruitful. Achievement is a contorted idea in itself, since its definition has been lost in the void of innumerable ages.

That when measuring the master and cons, "Ace" is great and "con" is terrible, however in the Assembled States, it's the inverse. "Pro"stitution is illicit in the "Con"stitution.

I can despise myself so much yet still believe I'm superior to every other person.
Failing in life can often lead to success
Standing still is more tiring than walking
You park on a driveway, but drive on a parkway
Smartphones can make you dumber
Loving something means letting it go
Your alarm clock goes off
The healthier and ideal way to enjoy an AYCE buffet is to not eat that much
People like owning things, but could often part with them just fine
Folks who want to lose weight work out a lot, but put too little attention to their diet
The way to win some games is to not play
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes, it’s easier to just write 2 thousands words than create half a picture
You’d think a computer course in image processing would be easier than one in computer graphics since the latter involves multitudes of the former, but the former actually involves as many if not more calculations, and can be more difficult
Making something simple can be surprisingly difficult
Email has caused some people to be less social (they just sent that, instead of talking face to face)
You buy insurance hoping you’ll never have to use it
Money isn’t everything, but it still speaks volumes
Even when it isn’t about color, it still is
It’s far cheaper to start anew/buy new things then to fix/repair them
In combat, you want to survive, but sometimes, the correct mindset to accomplish that is to assume you’ll be killed in battle
In job hunting, one is typically eager to get a job offer. However, sometimes having the mindset that you won’t get the job is the only way to not seem to desparate
When dating, love tends to find you when you’re NOT looking for love.