What are the best places to visit Italy in Spring?
Please give me some tips for small towns, not main tourist locations we all know.

Venice is the best place to visit in Spring! This is one of the most beautiful and historic city in Italy. Venice is called the Queen of Adriatic, the city of water, the city of the mask, the city of the bridge, the city of the kennel. Venice is also called the most romantic city in Europe. Every day nearly 50,000 tourists come to see the beauty of Venice. The city of Venice is originally a collection of several islands. Along with the Marshi Vientiane lagoon, the city has a kind of natural touch. This city is full of great beauty and artificial touches. The Vientiane lagoon is the beauty and fame of the city. The city has become very romantic due to the various artwork buildings. The city of Venice is known as the center of production of silk, grain and spice. Due to artistic exuberance, this place has been very important for the residents and tourists for many years. 


I would look for small towns and villages in Toscana. Spring should be beautiful there.