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Is it possible to be in relationship for so long without having sex with my partner?


Sexual relationships in a relationship is not the focal point of a relationships, people feel like sex is an important and compulsory component that makes a relationships complete but this is generally not always true. There are other components that necessarily makes a relationship complete and these are codependency, moral support, companionship, friendship and virtue of responsibility to the problems of each other.

In a relationship, yes it's definitely possible to be in a relationship without consummating it with sex, sometimes people have pre-planned priorities of what they want they relationships to look like, they plan long term goals and aspirations which may not even include sex, however the reason why people stay in a relationships for so long is because they're not ready or their placing other priorities or intentions above sex in their scale of preferences, sometimes it could be even the fact that they not have the time.

Relationship without sex are all over the place and yes it's possible and in most case these type of relationships without sex for a long time often end in marriages and in a few times it could go badly, however it mostly ends in marriage it's perfectly possible and there is nothing wrong without having sex for a long time it doesn't determine the geniunity or longevity of a relationship.