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Based on your own opinion, do you think distant relationship do work out a lot?

Based on my opinion, do long-distance relationships work out? Yes. Do they work out a lot? No.

In fact there's probably a higher probability that a long distance relationship will fail than there is that it will succeed. And while being close to your partner is no way a guarantee of a lasting relationship, a relationship Like that is still a lot more liable to survive than a long distance one.

Why is this so? And how can one make sure to be part of the few who actually make it work?

Well the answer to those two questions are quite interlinked. To know how to make a long distance relationship work, you first have to know what makes it fail.

And the top of that list is probably ease of communication. Because communication is definitely one of the most important factors that decide whether a relationship is going to work or not. No matter how much both parties love each other in a relationship, they still have to be able to articulate some things. And the fate of that relationship lies not just in whether they can, but how good they do articulate these things.

And when you're closer to your partner in terms of space, you can be able to talk about things more then when you're far apart. I know you can say that you're going to call or voice message or video chat but the truth is this kind of exchanges gets tedious and may not be sustainable in the long run.

So if the relationship is ever going to have a chance of working you all must be willing to have a sustainable communication model and be willing to work on this and make it as consistent as possible.

Another reason long distance relationships fail is the lack of visual and physical cues. We're humans, and one thing above any that we are is physical. We love to be able to hold our partners, to see them and flick their hair and kiss them and of course, have sex with them everyone once in a while LOL.

Having a long distant relationship is by default annuling the physical aspects. No invention has been made yet that allows us to touch and hold and kiss other people via the i internet. And even though there are some workarounds or substitute directly for this thing it never really is like the real thing.

So whenever you decide to go into that kind of relationship you are automatically choosing to do without these, and you should be willing to make it work without it. And obviously this is easier said than done. At first you're optimistic and in love and you feel everything is going to work out just fine, but as time goes on you start to miss the other person and your soul yearns for their touch. And that's where it gets tough and relationships falter.

Lastly another reason long distance relationship is hard is because people drift. It's a saying here that people are like water. We drift apart and we drift into each other.

In a long distance relationship there's a high probability that the parties involved will drift apart. They start to change and their ideas start to change and their dreams start to change. And most importantly they start to drift into other people too. They meet new people with new ideas and it becomes easier and easier to forget that person thats miles away. And so the relationship falters inevitably.

So these are the reasons long distance relationships almost never work. But I suppose with the right amount of love and determination and a little bit of luck, it is not impossible for a long distance relationship to finally work out. It's happened in the past and it can happen to you.

Cheers and have a nice days.


Yes it can work. I know a couple who had a long distance relationship for more than 10 years and they worked out fine. They are married now and they are happy even if they get to spend a few weeks only within a year. I think long distance relationships work, only if these things are present:

1. Communication. When you are in a long distance relationship, it is important to keep track of communication. To not lose each other's contact, there should be a time allotted for calls, video calls, etc. A schedule should be good. Without communication, I'm pretty sure long distance will be extremely difficult. Imagine not talking to your partner at all? Seems difficult, right?

2. Trust. The core of every relationship. You should have to trust your partner for a long distance relationship to work. You have to trust him/her that he/she will not do anything to harm you and your relationship while you are away. 

3.Patience. It may take weeks, months, or even years before the two of you can see each other again. Long distance requires a lot of patience. You should be patient and wait for the perfect time to meet your partner again. You also need patience and understanding that not all the time, he/she is going to be there.

Long distance is really difficult. But I believe when both of you really have the patience and trust as well as love for each other, it will work. Before entering a long distance relationship, make sure you are prepared for what's to come. I hope my answer helps!


No, it will not function properly unless there is commitment from both parties.

In long distance relationships, there must be some kind of "temptation" to cheat, and if one gives up, their relationship will be destroyed.

The loneliness that results from long-distance relationships can affect those relationships quickly.


I think it does. Even though it us harder to make work you both want the same thing. It is more stressful but will work.

I don't think it should be for too long and someone needs to eventually move . Shirt term for a couple if years is fine and trust issues shouldn't be an issue. If you are serious about it then the won't surface at all.

Regular visits during the year would help. It takes more commitment by both parties to over come but it could actually make your relationship stronger.


  Like anything else, it has its advantages and its advantages.

A remote relationship is, in my experience, a good thing to try, especially if you live in two countries with two totally different cultures. Your eyes open to the world and you learn to accept the other with all its differences.

In addition, you would certainly find a thing or two that will please you in the other, whether it is dishes or songs, or clothes, ceremonies ...... Maybe you will motivate to learn his language to be able to integrate ...

It  can walk well as it can not. But what makes people a bit skeptical about continuity is the fact that you need to feel each other's presence at all times. Of course it will be impossible, if at least you live in a city, but you must learn to be patient, optimistic, and confident.

There will certainly be a lag time, for example if you live in one part and the other of the Atlantic, and it will be painful to wait, but if you love yourself, it's worth it!

Do not be afraid to try because who knows? It can be the most beautiful of your relationships ever!


It depends to the lovers. Sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn't. Relationship will keep strong if you both work with it. You need to manage your time. Communication is important, and also your loyalty to each other. You must have strong foundation, don't lose love. I remember the story of The Shulammite lady in the bible. You can read her story in the bible, Songs of Solomon.

The Shulammite has tan skin, but a beautiful lady. King Solomon is very smart and he is so rich. He has 1,000 wives including his girlfriends. One day, King Solomon saw Shulammite and he fall in love with her, he courted Shulammite. But suddenly, Shulammite has rejected him. Why? Because she has a boyfriend and she loves him even though they are far from each other, they promised that their loves will never fade. Shulammite's boyfriend is just a shepherd, can you imagine, a King versus a shepherd? Indeed, this illustration shows how faithful and loyal is Shulammite to his boyfriend even they are far to each other. They have strong foundation and this prove how love works.


Sincerely it doesn't work, at first it may seem very ok but as days goes by, you start to loose interest from her absence and could easily loose trust in her. Apart from the fact that interest fade with passing of days , if you really want a relationship for marriage , a long distance relationship is not an option because you get just little time to really understand your partner, what she likes , how she react in certain situations and her response to issues.

I am currently in a distance relationship, it was beautiful at first until we both needed the little things only the presence of someone can accomplish,then the gap begins. The love awake when we meet in person and when she travels back it dies again.

I suspect every of her silence and think she is cheating though am not really sure but because of the distance, I get prompt to think of her not trustworthy.

Though the distance may work for another but for me , I totally disagree on that concept


I think it can only work if you open the relationship to seeing other people. Of course there is no guarantee that this will work. Someone might still meet another person and end the relationship. But there are never guarantees anyway.