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Is it advisable for me to invite people (who might be interested) into STEEMIT platform?
I have friends who loves writing, but at this point where beginners struggles a lot in order to earn tokens, is it advisable for me to invite them into STEEMIT?

Definitely. If you have friends that are into writing and blogging then Steemit would definitely be a good option. Not only that they get to experience a social network/blogging platform built on blockchain but they will also have the possibility of earning some Steem tokens by doing that. I saw that you mentioned being a bit hard at the beginning for one to earn Steem by blogging and I agree totally. 

That happens mainly because when you start as a blogger on Steemit you don't have followers so we can say that you don't have an audience to offer your works to and to be appreciated. If you are consequent and blog every day and engage with other bloggers it is impossible to not be able to earn some tokens. That of course if your blog posts are of good quality. 

However reading others and commenting and sharing ideas is as highly important as blogging itself. I can tell that from my own experience. At first I was very focused on blogging on Steemit and I was searching too much on what topics to write and also spending a lot of time for creating the posts that I overlooked the importance of engaging with other bloggers which has been shown in my posts payouts. Although I was spending a lot of time on my posts I didn't had too many upvotes and support. 

Then I started posting only once or twice a day and exploring the platform more and I noticed that my audience got bigger with every day. That's how I realized that the actual blogging activity is as highly important as the interaction with others because it is them that comment and upvote your posts. As a conclusion I would highly recommend you to invite your friends on Steemit and also to advise them to focus on quality of their posts and engagement. Both are highly important for a successful Steemit blogger.

Hope you will find my answer useful and wish you a great day! Don't forget to stop by on musing every day because it surely is a great place to be! Have fun! 


You should not Just invite them, but you should hold their hand for the first month or so. 

Show them how the platform works, and all the communities they might be interested in. 

Invite to all Discord channels they might find useful. 

Show them various dApps. 

Just telling them to post their stuff and get money is really not the things work here.

Especially, emphasize the community factor over use of bots.

Steemit is not Twitter, Steemit is not Instagram, Steemit is not Facebook.

Most of the content that goes on on the three above, on Steemit would be considered shit-content. 

Yeah, if you want them to enjoy the platform, you need to show them what's enjoyable on the platform. 

Otherwise, what's the point?


Yes it is a good idea but do not sell them the idea of  a get rich quick scheme. More of  a slow build from rags to riches.

It all depends on what there expectations are whether they will survive and work through the building phase. If they understand that it can take 6 months to a year to get established then they will be fine.

Six months is for someone who is active and a year for someone a little less active. I have found that once you understand the workings of the platform the easier it is and growth will follow. 

Explain all the finer details to stop confusion and help them where you know you struggled. I would also delegate some SP so they have no RC restrictions in the beginning. With the right support your friends will be fine.

I would also let your followers know that you have introduced someone knew so we can all look out for them. We are a team inside a community and that is what we should be doing.

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Of course, it is. Well, depending on what you have told them about steem. I make it a point to emphasizing that steem is neither a Ponzi or get-rich-quick scheme. You have to put a lot of work and dedication into it.

So if you're giving people the right orientation about steem, then that's fine. If that is not the case I will advise you say nothing. My reason being that if you make a lot of promises and raise the expectations of the people you're inviting without duly enlightening them about the intricacies of this platform, they will end up disappointed and leave as soon as they get here. And we don't need people spreading negative remarks about steem because of their bad experience here due to misinformation



This would be good for everyone ... For you, for me, for the current users, for them and for all of the Steem Blockchain platforms as well.

I agree with  Cryptoandcoffee  about not selling them the idea of getting rich in no time. But it could be shared as a good social platform where you could also earn even a good amount of money, if thoughtful efforts would be placed in action. As a fun way to earn money. A fun & new way to interact with your old and new friends. To explore old and new things while getting benefits from doing so too.

With the new users, the chances of more opportunities for us would also be raised. It is possible that someone from them could be proved a new tabris & project7 (steemhunt.com) and jonching (musing.io), who would introduced another mind blowing idea on Steem Blockchain which will open new doors for us too.

There are many factors in favor of doing so. This is a chain reaction, your friends or invited people would invite their friends and they will theirs and this process will keep going on.

There are dangers of increasing of spams/scams/cons too but, I think, now we (steemians) are wise enough to deal with them and such situations accordingly. 


Yes, indeed. Well as the current situation state him the obvious fact and do not tell him that it is obvious that he will have success in here but if he does his best and gives out quality content in his own way than he will be able to make a place for himself.

Or like you said he loves to write and he might try out Stemit.com and many are making a space for themselves in here with their content so he should also give it a try.

No investment of Fiat just suggest him to be in here and give his time so that he will be open to a huge audience in here.


I was also invited to this platform by a friend. It didn't made me regret about joining Steemit.

Whenever you invite people, make sure to explain is not a place that can provide them a living. It's just another social media platform without the "haters" or "bashers". 😍