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How do one get rid of POTBELLY?

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It's no secret, almost everyone doesn't like a distended stomach.

Besides damaging the appearance, it also indicates that you are not well, and can trigger disease.

Well,  this time there are a number of things we can do to eliminate the  bloated stomach naturally, without side effects, and of course the body  will be healthier.


One  of the causes of a distended stomach is lack of exercise. There are  several sports that will focus on training your abdominal muscles:

  • Sit-ups and Push-ups

By  doing this exercise (not necessary in large numbers), for example 10  sit-ups and push-ups, penetration of your abdominal muscles can occur. That is, the fat in the stomach will burn, and at the same time the stomach will become smaller.

In addition, by doing this exercise regularly in the morning, will be able to control your appetite.

  • Yoga

Yoga is a mild exercise that focuses on breathing, flexibility, but does not forget strength. With Yoga, excessive gas in the stomach can be reduced, so that your digestion becomes smooth. By doing it regularly, the folds in your stomach will decrease.

  • Cardio

Cardio is a sport that involves the whole body, so that muscle penetration will occur as a whole. You can do running, cycling, berengan, and various other activities. By practicing almost all body muscles, fat will burn in large quantities, and a proportional body can be obtained.


In  addition to exercising, there are various traditional ways (focused on  consumption) that we can do to reduce the distended stomach quickly,  naturally, and healthily.

  • Green Tea

Green tea has been known as a powerful weight loss agent. By consuming it regularly, fats can be reduced, and a distended stomach will decrease.

  • Tea + Lime

If green tea is difficult to find in your place, an alternative way is to brew tea with lime. The effect of this herb is the same as persi like green tea.

  • Honey + Ginger

Besides being able to cure various diseases, honey also has ingredients that can burn fat quickly.

While ginger on the other hand is able to suppress your appetite. So, indirectly your food intake will decrease naturally.


The last way is to do a diet. The diet here does not need to be painful, just need to avoid foods that are too heavy and fatty.

You can do:

  • Consumption of vegetables and fruits.
  • Limit foods with high sugar content.
  • Don't eat before going to bed.


Hopefully some of the above methods are able to solve the problem of your distended stomach. Cheers! 


How to shrink a distended abdomen

1. dominant food parts

Actually shrinking the distended abdomen is less complicated than removing fat within the space round the hips and buttocks, in keeping with the Harvard college of Public-Health. dominant the portion of food you eat is incredibly smart for beginning your diet program. Use a nutritionary price data label to assist you identify the proper food and portion employing a cup or spoon.

Some foods don't have nutritionary price data labels, like meat. traditional meat portion sizes area unit eighty five grams or the scale of a card stack. you'll save plenty of calories by uptake the proper portion. as an example, a healthy portion of food is one cup, that contains 265 calories. Some restaurants could cook four cups of food for one serving, which implies over 900 calories.

2. selecting foods that facilitate shrink the distended abdomen

The food you decide on is as necessary because the meal portion. as a result of this, one in all the foremost necessary ways that to shrink your abdomen is to fill your plate with additional advanced carbohydrates, like grains, fruits, and vegetables, and lean proteins, like fish, poultry, beans, soybeans, and milk. Filling foods with healthy foods may facilitate cut back your calorie intake.

The manner you cook food is additionally necessary to reduce calories. rather than cookery, you'll steam, burn, boil or bake your food. as an example, dynamic a plate of deep-fried potatoes into baked potatoes will save the maximum amount as forty five calories. uptake foods made in soluble fiber will assist you too.

3. opt for drinks that facilitate shrink the abdomen

Your selection of drinks may contribute to creating the abdomen additional distended. Drinks like soda, beverage, sweet tea, and alcohol area unit focused sources of calories. Instead, drink a sugar-free drink. commutation a glass of sweet tea with a glass of plain tea will save over a hundred calories.

If you're not a friend of water, create your own health water by adding slices of cucumber and mint leaves, or slices of orange, lemon, and lime for your glass.

4. opt for the proper sport

The best exercise you'll do as some way to shrink a distended abdomen is by combining cardio coaching and lifting weights. Cardio exercise will assist you burn calories, whereas weight coaching will assist you build muscle which can then burn fat. Cardio exercise and weight lifting should work along to urge most exercise for good shape.

Some forms of sports specifically designed to tighten your abdomen area unit pilates, sit-ups, swimming, walking, and general cardio exercise area unit smart ways that to shrink a distended abdomen. do not forget to carry your abdomen down throughout exercise.

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Potbelly is also known as middle aged spread.

The only way I control mine is by eating healthy and doing exercises. If you target the area by doing sit ups everyday it will slowly disappear. you don't need to do many either, just be consistent. Over a period of a few months it will shrink.

If you do sit ups daily and normal exercises during the day you keep your metabolism high which burns fat. Even on the days you don't exercise you will lose weight due to a high metabolism.n

Eat foods that make up a healthy and balanced diet. Don't eat carbohydrates at night as they tend to turn into fat.


A little belly, it has its charm! But when it takes a little too much, it is rather unsightly and especially, it increases the risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes and heart problems.

Put everything on cardio!

Cardio is the endurance exercise that burns calories and strengthens the heart and lungs.

It can be running, brisk walking, cycling, elliptical trainer, swimming ... By practicing it for a prolonged and regular, at least 45 minutes 3 times a week, you will tap into your fat reserves.

After the cardio, place to the abs!

Many people mistakenly believe that just doing abs to lose belly fat. But first you have to go through cardio before strengthening the abs.

Muscle building this part of the body will also allow better support, which avoids back problems.

A suitable diet

Avoid high energy dense foods and drinks, sweets and pastries, sugary drinks, alcohol, biscuits, fatty meats, butter and processed foods, to which you prefer vegetable oils, fruits and vegetables, legumes, meats white and fish.

Focus especially on the fibers, which facilitate intestinal transit and promote the feeling of satiety. We can mention peas, artichokes, leeks, apples, prunes, nuts, figs and whole grains.

Drink a lot

Start your day with warm lemon water, or put a lemon juice (fresh) in your water bottle to drink all day, it's the best for a flat stomach!

It is also recommended the consumption of green tea, for its diuretic properties, that is to say, it helps us to drain the liquids. It is also a good fat-burning, thanks in particular to catechins it contains, molecules that help fight against the storage of fat, and theine, which boosts the energy expenditure of the body.

Calm down !

When stressed, a hormone called "cortisol" is produced in large quantities. This hormone has a reputation for increasing blood sugar levels. If our body does not need it, it will store it at the level of the abdominal belt!

To avoid this, we must eliminate stress as much as possible by taking the time to relax.


Liposuction. 😁