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What can you say about your experience on MUSING this very month ?

I learnt about musing few days ago through some friends and I joined immediately. From the time I joined till this moment, I haven't had a cause to regret been here , I only regret knowing it this late.

My experience here have been awesome learning about new knowledge as well as giving one the privilege to voice out his view on certain matters.

Earning is also an added advantage to this communities and a hope to the minnows who hardly get $0.30 on a post despite working tiredlessly to collect relevant information on a subject.

Socialization is another benefit from here through interaction in our various wall and showing love by upvote on important points one brings.

Finally, we learn different view and reaction possession by different individual on matters about certain aspect of life , religion and communities. This information can help one blend to create a balance for more productive in life


I am not working on musing last month I have been working for 2 to 3 weeks and In first 2 weeks I am unable to get any votes from musing because I just copied one answer in first time. so, they blacklist me and then after 1 week i just talk with the team member what is the reason and he just told to me I am in blacklist then the team take out me from blacklist and now I am recveing vote on almost every comment.  and this is about only money I am also get and enhance my knowledge by getting answer on my question and I am feeling very good to work on musing, It has many advantages and idea of QUESTION & ANSWER is so great. Now I am also increase my skill of english to answer more and more question which I know. 


Very Challenging! XD 

Truth be told I was a little worried about how the Musing team would handle the huge influx of new users on the platform especially after the huge delegation of almost 1 Million SP from Steemit Inc. As expected, the platform was filled with spammy and repetitive questions for days in hope to get some upvotes from the @musing account. Fortunately it was handled pretty well not just by the Musing team but also by it's community as seen on Musing's Discord server specifically on the #abuse channel. Many posts were reported there for plagiarism and repetitiveness.

As for my personal experience this month it was honestly very challenging as there are now many good contributors to compete with. Months ago, it wasn't that hard to find a good unanswered question since there were only a few of us here on Musing, but right now it seems in just 15-30minutes a good answer is already provided by someone and not just a low-quality answer but a good one. 

It's kinda like: I really want to answer this question but it seems I will just be repeating the answer from someone before me. Lol 

So yeah to sum it all up, it's now a little challenging and I mean that in a good way. XD


I almost doubted musing genuineness when I heard about the operation of the platform. Which community vote for answering a question or vote for asking a question? Was the question on my mind and most times I try to ask what benefits they gain from our questions and answers , even with the numerous reasons, I believe they just have love for the community as well as it growth.

Few days ago I joined and since then, I have had tremendous experience through their active participation in voting and encouragement to newbies who have felt discouraged with little or no vote .

Gaining knowledge about some fields is an added advantage because knowledge is power.

The socialization among users and genuine support among users are exciting


Thanx to @angelacs, i finally gave musing a chance, its been a week or so for me on this platform and i could'nt be more happier. I don't have another month of use to compare it too but for the one week i have participated, it had been my most rewarding time on steemit through out my 1 year here. I am so grateful, very very grateful for the rewards and recognition. Not only are the rewards boosting my pay out, the upvote is boosting and increasing my reputation count.


One year of my experience joined in the Steem Blockchain ecosystem, and I fell in love with the mosing-facing platform. I reasons the platform musing.io after I watched the presentation convey by **Jonathan Ching** at the SF3 show in Poland.

I see and know many things from this great platform, everyone shares their science and knowledge in the Q & A on the mosing.io and this is very unusual. In contrast to the Steemit and other platforms that present posts in post forms of writing and prone with Plagiatic action, and I do not find it in Musing.

In my opinion, the mosary platform will be the best educational media in the world, everyone can learn and interact well. No social gaps I found here, every user only answers and write what they feel and they understand. That's it.

Musing.io appreciates all the expressions of the user in the form of curation to any opinion, and it depends on the weight of the benefits of the answer they convey.

I suggest to all those who join in the Egypty of Steem Blockchain to continue using Musing.io and learn from musing.io this is my observation and experience in this month, and I'm sure Musing will be the best platform in the world. Hopefully


The user interface is simple to understand. It's easy for beginners to start using the platform and it's compensating user that add value to it fairly well. I think it just needs more measures for against spam.