What makes people have insecurity in their lives?

This is a difficult question to answer, and the reason why, is there are many variables to consider when addressing the topic of one's self esteem.

Reasons people may have low self esteem could be, but are not limited to:

  • Past trauma 
  • Poor social skills
  • Failed relationships
  • Abandonment issues
  • Addiction issues
  • Mental health issues

Just to name a few.  When dealing with insecurities, if one's life is affected in a negative manner, seeking therapy, or a friend you can confide in, might be your best option.

Low self esteem can be debilitating and lead to severe depression and/or anxiety. I hope you have someone to turn to if this is affecting you adversely.

I hope this answer helps. 

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Insecurity starts with lack of confidence,,many people who feel insecure happened to be that way because

they do not have confidence in their ability to overcome whatever challenges they may face in every aspect of

life,,insecurity starts with low self esteem and lack of confidence is what usually causes low self

esteem,,some people became insecured when they were bullied by someone else or when someone made

them feel so small or unimportant,but i believe that

learning to become more confident would help someone to fight any form of insecurity they are facing

in their life,another factor that makes some people to

become insecure is poverty,some people tend to become so insecure because they feel they might not

be good enough for a particular person especially in relationships...


 Insecurity is caused by many things, but the main cause is the "fear of failure".

This is why many people doubt whether doing this or that, whether it is worth it or not, will it be good or bad? That feeling of doubt is insecurity.


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